Tottenham Transfer Talk Tuesday Update

Tottenham Transfer Talk Tuesday Update - Behind The Scenes

Spurs expecting Giovani Lo Celso to arrive

Right guys, I thought you might like a transfer update.

As far as I am aware, Giovani Lo Celso is all done, but our deals are all tied together financially. We are not spending money, without the other deals tied up so basically, they are all linked together.

Don't ask me about financial wizardry, not my department, but we are owned by financial experts so you have to trust what they do.

I think you can all see from pre-season friendlies that Christian Eriksen wants out. I have reported several times that he turned down contracts, both the previous off and the new offer and told the club he wants to leave this summer.

Ws obviously want to see him abroad but nobody has bid for him. He is hit and miss, an excellent player but one who lacks consistency and as we saw in the Champions League Final, a player who hides and can go missing.

They are not my words, that was the assessment of Italian great, Adrea Pirlo and that guy knows a thing or two about playing in midfield in big games.

The plan, as you all know, is Giovani Lo Celso and Bruno Fernandes in, Eriksen out, but we are waiting as long as possible in the vain hope a foreign club will offer us reasonable money for him.

If they don't then we have little choice but to sell him to the only club asking for him in the Premier League, namely Manchester United. Not the ideal scenario but the last resort it may end up being.

Eriksen's future is why we are still waiting for the other transfers now.

We had a medical booked for Lo Celso but Real Betis refused to let him travel as you all know. Spurs helped Real Betis get Fekir, we played ball with them, but they haven't returned the favour and are not in our good books.

As I mentioned to you before, they wanted to change the payment structure, in fact they wanted the whole lot paid off in a year. Transfers of this size just don't happen like that so there was never a chance we would agree to that.

The problem has been as I revealed before, they want more money up front. they have asked for the del to be paid over 2 years, again, that doesn't happen for deals of this size, they basically go over the length of the initial contract with the buying club.

Last week they agreed on a deal again, then they changed their minds and demanded a bigger initial payment again.

Now they have sold a player to Barcelona, that may at last calm them down, but basically they have wanted us to fund their transfer for the striker they want who has a release clause which has to be paid upfront.

Obviously, if we were to give them a huge upfront payment that would affect our capability of doing the other deals we want to do.

Lo Celso is our main target and while Betis keep messing us around, we can't arrange the finance for the other deals simply because we don't know where we would be standing financially. This Lo Celso sage is holding everything up.

The fault lies with Real Betis, not Daniel Levy.

Bruno Fernandes is coming, Giovani Lo Celso is coming but we are not going to give in to paying a massive upfront fee that prevents other business.

Ryan Sessegnon wants to join Spurs and will not consider another club. Fulham do not want to sell and keep changing tac. They agree on a deal, but then they have upped the asking price and are being awkward.

The impression I get is that they want to slap any fee we want to charge for Onomah ontop of the Sessegnon fee, but don't quote me on that, just my reading of the situation.

The new owner of Aston Vill was in the process of buying the club last summer and instructed the existing owners that if they sold Grealish, he wouldn't buy the club. It would devalue the club, reduce the chances of promotion and if renegotiated, a sale would then take a lot longer.

That's why Grealish wasn't signed. The new owner hoped he would get Villa in play-off range in January and thus stay until the end of the season to help them up and his gamble paid off, they got promotion.

Fulham seems to want to do the same thing If they do Sessegnon will not sign another contract, at least that is what he has told Fulham at this stage.

I am expecting him to arrive but if Fulham now refuses to release him we may have to wait until next summer. With Rose still here, no bids for him either, the situation isn't desperate for us.

With regard to the right-back situation agents are offering us right-backs by the bucket load. They then release the story to the press, who lap it up like good puppies and tell the masses Spurs are after Tom, Dick and Harry, when in fact we are not.

Are we looking at right-backs? Yes, we are, but again without knowing where we are financially we can't do anything.

I am expecting Victor Wanyama to be gone, that hasn't changed all summer. You have read he has plenty of suitors and that's genuine, he has.

It is frustrating but I hope that explains a little about what is going on behind the scenes.

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  1. Thanks for this Clive. It's reassuring to know what's going on behind the scenes. A timely reminder of the AV / Grealish saga of last season makes it clear that there are expectations, and then there are times when other clubs behave in a way that is unexpected and frankly unwholesome.

    "Let's do a swap - but whatever valuation you put on your player we'll simply add on to our player so we essentially get your player for free." Not exactly up-front and honest. And that's the least of the problems we've had trying to deal with clubs that are unable, or unwilling, to behave decently. You'd have thought they'd all have enough experience to know that a bad reputation in that department does them far more harm than it hurts anyone they're dealing with. Muppets.


  2. Nothing is ever done until they hold up a shirt. Soccer is a filthy monopoly and you can't trust any club to refrain from screwing you over-especially with people as hated around the continent as Levy & ENIC.