Would Costa be a better bet than Lamela?

Would Costa be a better bet than Lamela?


When Spurs scout a player and try to sign them, they are not just forgotten about if we don't manage it and they sign for another club.

Our scouts were tracking Douglas Costa when he was at Bayern Munich and we were seriously linked with him in the press with suggestions that we made an offer.

Unsurprisingly he joined Juventus, where je is guaranteed an Italian title, has an excellent chance of picking up Italian cups and guarantees himself UEFA Champions League football.

Tottenham cannot compete with that and throwing money at the issue wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.

That is what we are up against in the transfer market, a factor forgotten by fans who shout we are the 10th richest club in the world. We are only the 6th richest in England to put that in perspective and the virtual guarantees clubs in other countries can offer, like Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Roma, Atletico Madrid, is greater than what we can offer.

While we build the club, we have to offer a project, being a part of something, of personal growth, a magnificent new stadium and facilities as well as testing themselves in the Premier League.

Douglas Costa is still on our radar report the Italian media but he has a muscle injury at the moment and isn't playing. The 28-year-old Brazillian is under contract until 2022 and cost Juventus £35.17 million( €40m at today's exchange rates) last summer.

The winger has played only 618 minutes (17 appearances) of Serie A football and 127 minutes (4 appearances) of UEFA Champions League football. On top he has had 194 minutes of cup football so clearly isn't a first choice.

Would he be a better bet than Erik Lamela?

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