Fans Transfer Their Wounds Onto Spurs

Fans Transfer Their Wounds Onto Spurs

In life, people are victims of themselves, they're not prepared to do what it takes to have financial freedom.

We all have an internal Judge and Jury that judges everything, including ourselves and it tries to shield us from pain.

That means we don't do things that put us under stress, which to achieve success you have to do. That's why you procrastinate, it's a protection reaction.

For simplicity, we'll call this the wound.

Your Judge and Jury make you procrastinate to avoid agitating the would and causing you pain (stress, anxiety, guilt, fear of the unknown etc).

Brexit is one example. People fear what they don't know so do nothing to stay the same.

These people transfer their wound onto Tottenham.

They feel victims for not winning trophies, yet they are not prepared to wait for the club to do the hard yards to achieve that, they want a quick fix.

Success isn't achieved by throwing money at a problem.

It is achieved by having a vision, devising a strategy to get you to that vision, broken down into smaller steps, just like climbing a set of stairs to get to the top.

Tottenham have that, Mauricio Pochettino understands that. Many fans don't or are not prepared to wait.

As Pochettino keeps telling them, we are on a journey and we are not near the end, we do not have the resources yet that our rivals have so we can not act in the same way as our rivals.

That's why we are acting differently, why we are developing players.

The day will come when we have greater resources and can act in the transfer market more as our rivals do. We will be able to offer higher wages, pay bigger transfer fees, but we are not there yet.

We earn less than our rivals and have a stadium to pay for, which will greatly help us build our income to financially compete if we maintain Champions League football.

We are still in the growing stages and growing financially is of paramount importance to get us to where we want to be, challenging Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG.

As we grow towards that we will win trophies, they will arrive, but we can't jeopardise our future by throwing money at a problem with the knock-on effect of affecting our transfer business for years to come.

Success is achieved, and we want regular success not a one-off success, by following your strategy step-by-step, adjusting that as you go but maintaining the ultimate vision you are working towards.

Fans are transferring their pain onto Tottenham.

They want to avoid the pain, they want a quick fix.

The quick fix approach destroyed Leeds United, it has destroyed many other clubs.

Owners can no longer invest in players or wages under Financial Fair Play so the cash for a quick fix isn't available anyway.

We are ahead of schedule, two years ahead in my view.

To stay ahead we must stay in the Champions League or we will go backward as a club and that could set us back years.

Quick fix fans don't want us to do the hard yards, those who understand how success is achieved in life understand there is no short cut, the hard yards have to be done.


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  1. Instincts are there to keep you safe where you are. They're behaviours learnt in the past that work, in the past. They generally do a very good job of that.

    The other side of that coin is that they really don't let you move forward easily. Moving forward you sometimes have to unlearn lessons from the past. Moving forward you often have to spread into 'unsafe' territory.

    Ask any psychologist or behavioural professional and they'll tell you how hard that can be. Too hard for many. Nevertheless it's what is required if you want to move forward, progress.

    Clearly not all are going to be comfortable with such an approach. Those that have the nerve can help those others by standing out and leading the way. Good for you Clive. Keep up the good work.



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