Pep is a big Spurs fan


Pep Guardiola says he is a big fan of Tottenham, he likes to see teams play good football and Tottenham is one of them.

When he was asked about the different transfer activity of the two clubs he reminded the press conference that he arrived at Manchester City and there were 10 or 11 players more than 30-years-old and that they would need replacing.

Obviously Tottenham don't have that situation so we don't have that pressure to replace players and can keep continuilty, something I emphasised we needed when I first raised the idea of our current approach after the Basel game in the UEFA Europa League in April 2013.

In September 2016 I commented:

"Basel taught us a lesson at home in the UEFA Europa League back in April 2013 in a game that saw us outplayed, although we did manage to escape with a 2-2 draw.

"I watched that game and Basel were running rings around us, they were a young side who had stayed together, they has a system they stuck with and we simply couldn't handle their movement off the ball.

"They manoeuvred us around to create gaping holes and that game more than any other showed me that was the blueprint we needed to follow to achieve success. We can't compete financially so we had to find another way. Did the same thoughts occur the Daniel Levy?

Move forward to now and we have exactly what I was talking about right after that Basel game, a young side staying together and improving together. The false assumption is that if you don't buy you are standing still or going backwards, but you can go forwards by improving what you have and making yourselves even more effective at playing a system.

While we wait for our signings to arrive, there will be some before the window shuts, I am more interested in how the youngsters improve, how Janssen improves, how N'koudou improves, how Winks improves, how Onomah, improves, how Trippier improves with more football to name a few.

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  1. yeah in the way that a lion is a zebra fan.

    1. We finished above them both of the last two seasons. Which is the lion then?

      Get a grip. Gripe about something that actually makes sense.


  2. Good call Clive.

    I felt we were outplayed tonight by a very strong Shitty side. I don't believe we were as far behind as the two commentators interpreted the game. They were extremely profligate, but then they often are. That's not bad luck - just a reflection of how the two sides matched up.

    I was happy enough with the first two goals we conceded. Poor defending for the second. They never even should have had possession for the third. Another ludicrous decision to guess it might have been a corner.

    Not that the ref was too bad overall. Many strange decisions but also many good ones - and not too one-sided after all was said and done. That's what I hate the most. The obvious bias (See game against Roma).



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