Spurs fans, either Corporal Jones or Sergeant Wilson?

Spurs fans, either Corporal Jones or Sergeant Wilson?


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Spurs fans are either Corporal Jones or Sergeant Wilson, which one are you?

Sections of Spurs fans are like Corporal Jones from Dad's Army. He runs in circles shouting 'Don't Panic' while panicking.

Twitter is rife with them shouting and screaming for new signings, asking where they are, playing the blame game and they so love to do without knowing any real facts.

Then there are the rest of us, the Sergeant Wilson's. We remain calm, unflustered because we know the end goal only needs to be achieved by 7 August, the day the window for buying players in the Premier League shuts.

It doesn't shut in Europe and the selling window doesn't shut when the buying one does in the Premier League, thus players can still be sold after 7 Aug.

Buying clubs have no need to buy before 7 Aug, they can force clubs to lower prices by only buying after that date.

Tottenham have no non-homegrown places available in the Premier League squad or the UEFA Champions League squad, thus to buy, we have to be sure that players are leaving. Otherwise, we end up paying two sets of wages, one for a player we can not use, not good business sense.

First, we have to shift the likes of Janssen, N'Koudou, Llorente, Sissoko perhaps. As much as some fans would like us to we are not going to simply take a hit on players, again that isn't good business sense and affects what we can spend on transfers in the future. But funding transfers is a subject in itself and for another article.

Let me put this scenario to you and see what your answer to the conundrum is.

Let's assume that Anthony Martial is Mauricio Pochettino's first choice. Let's assume that Malcom is his second choice.

Ed Woodward didn't want to sell to Spurs and tried to force him to move abroad. That failed, he wants Spurs and ITK suggests we have recently shown him around the new stadium. Ed Woodward it appears has reluctantly accepted that Spurs will be his destination, something Mourinho was happy with all along. The fee is the only issue.

Malcom wants to join Inter Milan and is waiting for them to Bordeaux to agree a fee. Inter are putting time pressure on Bordeaux and can wait until the end of Aug.

Do you a) Try to negotiate a deal for Pochettino'sfirst choice as long as you can in an effort to get Pochetino's first choice
b) Go out and buy a third choice, with your second choice waiting on another club?

I asked someone complaining about no transfers this on Twitter and they had no answer, indeed they refused to answer the question.

Why, because people of that disposition want to complain about Levy, either way, they don't want to have to be tied down to making the decision that Pochettino is making himself.

Pochettino can say to Levy at any stage, abandon trying to get my first choice, go after my third, but why do that until the last couple of days of the window when there is still a possibility of getting your first choice or convincing your second choice to change his mind.

So what is your answer, what do you do?

We want Martial, they have slapped a silly price on him, they want Alderweireld, we have slapped a silly price on him. we want them in a deal together, they don't.

How do you sort it out?

Simply throwing any money isn't an option as transfer fees affect what you can spend for the next 5 years, but again the percentages of income is another article.


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  1. You know I won't disagree with any of that. Simple logic AFAIC.

    It does raise the question of how we can end up - after complaining about how disruptive a transfer window continuing for a month into the season is - with a situation which is arguable even more disruptive. We (in England) have our hands tied behind our backs while the rest of Europe - our competitors - are free to continue with exactly the same behaviour that so undermined everything in the first place. Out of the frying pan into the fire it seems.

    You couldn't make it up.


  2. It's part of the FA's Brexit plan...Boris for next FA Pres.
    heh heh...

    1. Not even in jest Hibbs. Not sure my aging system could handle even the idea. That might just put me off football.



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