Still a bit for Ben Davies to work on

An excellent first half from Tottenham in a quite entertaining game watching the youngsters play against AC Milan.

It was a training game let's be clear about that, players will have had less hard training over the last couple of days, one session instead of two with a game instead. Plenty of these players won't be playing at Old Trafford so can put their full energy into the game.

Yesterday I speculated whether Tom Carroll would take his chance the way Dele Alli has done in pre-season to shout to the head coach, 'I should be starting'. He is starting where I prefer to see him, further forward where he can create with through balls rather than as a defensive midfield playmaker.

The commentator may well be right when he said he feels Pochettino has installed a new mentality in Carroll and boosted his confidence. He took his goal brilliantly, early and first time, compare that to Lamela who kept fluffing his lines. Lamela may be behind fitness wise, but he should have done better over the two games with the clear cut chances he had. The image above shows a lovely through ball to find Carroll who has made an intelligent run.

Luke McGee made a few saves and looked comfortable in goal, he is young but shows the promise that may see him develop into a future keeper, that's a way off yet though. Eric Dier still looks a little at sea at times as a defensive midfielder but he seems to be playing regularly there now so has to learn the role. he can play centre-back and right-back so has versatility about him, that can be good for the club but bad for him unless he is careful.

At right-back, Kieran Trippier looked more solid than Kyle Walker and with our defense needing tightening up he may well be the option leaving Walker to up his game in the UEFA Europa League. On the left Ben Davies was better but the worry is when teams switch play to a wide man just outside our area. Walker gets out to his man fast to close down danger, Davies doesn't.

It is essential in those situations to keep your opponent outside the box, but Davies continually lets them inside to cut onto their left foot to have a shot. He has to get out wide to his man quicker, but he doesn't seem to be learning that.

Josh Onomah was making some superb runs which demonstrate a reading of the game/ That intelligence together with the right mentality makes the difference for talented footballers. Harry Winks didn't look out of place and Dele Alli showed he has a big future again.

This is quite a crop of talent we have coming through and it augers well for the future. These lads are going to be first team regulars when the stadium is built. The opposition were poor and allowed us to play, but you still have to play, you still have to enjoy playing in a big arena in front of a big crowd, it's a bit of a difference to Burnley away in the FA Cup in front of 9,348 fans, boosted by a large travelling Tottenham contingent.

Some players get overawed and disappear or make mistake after mistake, but these youngsters seem to thrive, it all augurs well. No surprise Bayern Munich had a scout at the game and Pep Guardiola was watching intently, perhaps he sees a future some of our own fans don't.

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