Oscar must have been watching the wrong Paulinho

I think Chelsea's Oscar has been having a few too many if his comments to the Chelsea website are anything to go by.

Oscar must have been watching the wrong Paulinho

“It will be nice to see Paulinho.  He hasn’t started a lot this season but he has been playing more often recently, mainly as a substitute, although he started their Europa League game last week.

“It’s surprising because last season he played so well for them. We are good friends and our facilities meet up in London sometimes.”

He clearly hasn't been watching our games too closely as Paulinho started his time with us well, although he was surprisingly erratic in front of goal, lacking the composure one expected. Once Charlie Adams had injured another Spurs player he was never the same player again.

Once back from injury all he did was play safe and pass sideways, he curtailed his forward runs and seemed to be saving himself for he World Cup in his home country. Naturally he was dropped and it was only the last few games that he appeared to put any effort in.

His performances in Brazil were very poor and he looked a shadow of the player we saw a year earlier at the Confederations Cup, also in Brazil. It was very worrying when he said he was too lazy to learn English, alarm bells started to ring and events since have confirmed the doubts that raised about his mentality.

Oscar's words sound like the usual PR rubbish players spout before games as his performances this season have been woeful, almost as if he has refused to follow Pochettino's instructions. It's irrelevant what a player can do or has done in the past, what he is doing now is all that matters and the answer to that is not a lot.

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