How strong is Lamela's confidence now?

We seeing a confident, new Erik Lamela this summer compared to last season, can it last or is it short lived?

How strong is Lamela's confidence now?

Erik Lamela seems to be active on social media now, starting an Istagram account and tweeting about it. His tweets have become regular and I just wonder if that is either a happier mind or a process to form bonds with the fans.

Most fans support him and want him to come good, few doubt his ability, but his frame did look slight for the Premier League. Having gone home and seen his family, trained at a familiar old club and now started pre-season training, next season we hope to see the real Erik Lamela, the start will be vital for him.

Having virtually a season of injuries and a rather different culture to that in Italy it can not have been conducive to a happy state of mind. If you are not happy you don't produce your best so the signs with constant usage of social media are encouraging.

He appears to be in a happier frame of mind now so there has to be a congratulations to all those involved who have assisted in that process, I don't think it has been an easy one and do feel there are lessons we could learn from it.

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The next step is to transfer that confidence onto the pitch and this is where the first few games are important, where pre-season is important. He will need to feel a part of things and he will need to produce performances that he is happy with to maintain and build his confidence.

When you have worked with people who suffer from mental issues you realise just how fragile a thing confidence is, one minute it's here then it's gone. If Lamela has a deep seated confidence then he will carry on past a few bumps but if his is a fragile confidence then it can be blown apart quickly and easily with what appear to be minor things.

From the outside we can not tell from a distance. For his and Spurs sake I hope his new found confidence is deep seated and therefore lasting, not just a face being shown to the world to mask a problem.

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