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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Spurs being paid £2.85m + travelling and training fees

There are many reasons for touring Australia, or at last taking part in an International tournament in a different state than last year. Then it was Sydney, now it is Melbourne, which you'll find to the bottom right on the map. They may look close together but are in fact 878.8km (546.06 miles) apart. London to Edinburgh is only 668.19km (415.2 miles) away.

Money of course plays its part, Spurs are being paid to go there.

Spurs, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid will be paid at least £2.85-million (€3.4m - AUS$5m - US$3.73m) million each in appearance fees to take part in the 2016 International Champions Cup and they will have all their travel, accommodation and training expenses covered.

The London-listed organisers, TLA Worldwide, chaired by Melbourne entrepreneur Bart Campbell, will be receiving about AUS$8-10 million from the Victorian state government to assist in bringing the top teams to Melbourne. They do this as the influx of tourists, from abroad and from other Australia boost the local economy by many times the initial investment. Speculate to accumulate.

They have helped sponsor the International Champions Cup for three years now and it has brought in over £150-million into the economy Victorian (Melbourne is part of the state of Victoria) Sports Minister John Eren told the press.

Australia has a large Asian community, it is close to Asia and Asia is an important region to Spurs. The market is huge and we have just seen a sponsorship deal with Kumho Tire because we have a South Korean player. Our shirt sponsors are AIA, an Asian company and Ledley King stopped off in Singapore to launch a new AIA initiative before going to Australia.

Tottenham have a big following in Australia and they saw all the stars last year, this year it is a weakened squad with players needing rest after the European Championships. Which youngster is going to stand-out, who is going to come forward and catch the eye? That's the biggest question for many on this our, it could launch a career or two and see first-team opportunities as a result.


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