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Here you'll find occasional e-books to help you or your children grow to be more successful people.

If you don't set your child on the right path early, you will struggle later and they won't turn out to be as successful as you had hoped.

If you love your children then you need to invest in their future.

Success is achievable, if and only if, you are prepared to do what it takes nd that means changing the way you think.

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  1. Why is it with Tottenham every transfer is a saga? I have watched with interested throughout this summer and only Spurs seem to have issues with every transfer they are apparently interested in. Not only is this frustrating for the fans but it must be almost impossible for the manager to manage. I really wish somebody could explain why Tottenham seem to have more issues with transfers than any other club. Please remind me of the last transfer we made that didnt have problems leading up to it

  2. First of all andre gomes is not a good player for spurs. Barcelona will sell him to any club because his perfomance with barcelona was not good enough thats why they are trying to sell him and if spurs will sign gomes they will have to face same problem as barcelona were facing.
    Tottenham need to sign some good midfielders.