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Hello and thank you for considering my blog for your backlink and advertising needs.

I write all original content on the website, I do not spin anything, nor is any of it automated. I am happy to write an article and include the anchor text of your choice, if you are in a related niche.

My charge is £65

The article has to fit in with the niche so I can’t simply write about dating and post an article. There is a contact form on the website but you can email me and discuss any proposal at THBlogNews at gmail dot com.

SEOmoz (PA)    46

SEOmoz (DA)    89 (scale 0 - 100)
Website age:    11.5 years


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On the website down the right hand pane you will find 2 links to independent websites that record visitors to my website - Bloglog (ranked number 1) and BlogTopSites (ranked number 2).

  • To prevent a Google ban, all links are NO Follow and is a permanent backlink, the post is never deleted.
  • No duplicate content (all unique content)
  • There are various aggregator websites who show my post title with a link back to my website, which adds link juice.

The minimum length of article for inclusion on the website is 150 words

Banner Advertising 1 Leaderboard spot above post titles -  728 x 90 £50 per 30 days

Please send link URL when requesting an order

I will write an article that will include your anchor text link and, therefore, you need to be in a related industry. No porn links but gambling links are OK.

My website has multiple items of fresh content daily and is, therefore, crawled on a very regular basis, meaning quick indexing.

Improve your SEO performance and boost your domain authority by getting a high-quality backlink on a sports niche website.

Domain Authority is one of the key performance metrics that decide how well your website will rank on the internet

A backlink from a high DA gives your website ‘Authority’ in the eyes of Google and a NO follow link helps improve your own DA.

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