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Hello and thank you for considering my blog for your backlink and advertising needs.

I write all original content on the website, I do not spin anything, nor is any of it automated. I am happy to write an article and include the anchor text of your choice, if you are in a related niche.

My charge is £65

The article has to fit in with the niche so I can’t simply write about dating and post an article. There is a contact form on the website but you can email me and discuss any proposal at THBlogNews at gmail dot com.

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On the website down the right hand pane you will find 2 links to independent websites that record visitors to my website - Bloglog (ranked number 1) and BlogTopSites (ranked number 2).

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The minimum length of article for inclusion on the website is 150 words

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Please send link URL when requesting an order

I will write an article that will include your anchor text link and, therefore, you need to be in a related industry. No porn links but gambling links are OK.

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Spurs, the richest club in the world in 2 years A couple of things to chat about today. Firstly, the Premier League still have not said whether the people who made the decision to help Arsenal out by cancelling a game when they only had 1 Covid case, had Arsenal associations. They refused to answer that in their first reply to my complaint, that took two emails to get a response, despite asking for confirmation of receipt. I sent off a third email again asking the names of the people who made the decision and whether they had Arsenal connections. No reply received to date. Then of course we had the Chelsea 'gas' tweet during our game with them. This is totally unacceptable. You can't ask us to stop using the Yid word if you allow a club, not a fan, an official Chelsea club social media account,  How can you tell fans not to make gas references (which are reminders of the Jews being exterminated at death camps like Auschwitz) if you allow a club to do so without taking any d

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Good morning and it's another spiffing day to be a proper positive Spurs fan during this exciting period of our carefully and meticulously planned evolution under Daniel Levy and ENIC. To further your excitement I have the Spurs Summer Transfer Window Day 24 piece for you. I know, you can hardly contain yourself can you. The eternal question, will he get straight into the news or will be keep us waiting again with some brilliant in sight into life at and around Tottenham. I'm undecided on that one folks, as of yet there is no Spurs Chat piece here, but who knows something might occur and I'll come back to fill in the blank, take you off the main transfer route into a local route (railway terms). If you have topics you'd like me to talk about please leave them in the comments. They all go for moderation so I do read them all and post all the sensible ones, leaving out the odd abusive one from some Levy hating doss-house in Scotland. In the meantime I said I read all

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Tottenham Transfer Talk and Young Serie A players Spurs are monitoring Happy New Year to one and all. Welcome to Tottenham Transfer Talk once again where today I'll bring a quick round up and list some youngsters you may not have heard we are tracking. Fabio Paratici will be heading to Italy, he is always popping back and forth, to conduct negotiations with a variety of Italian-based players. There are stories starting to circulate in Italy that if Juventus don't pick up form quickly that  22-year old (23 next August) Dutch international centre-back Matthijs De Ligt will start to look elsewhere. I am not sure how accurate they estimation that Antonio Conte wants to pay the whole £126.37m (€150m - US$169.79m - AUS$234.58m) release clause to get his signature. Readers all know  Dušan Vlahović has told us he will sign for Spurs in the summer because he wants to work with Antonio Conte but we will pursue an outside chance of signing him in January, highly likely it will be the su