Tottenham Transfer Talk on Wednesday 20th October

Tottenham Transfer Talk on Wednesday 20th October

I have to say I have enjoyed the brief sabbatical to recharge the batteries, enjoy the new Jaguar, black this one with a grey leather interior and not spend hours a day doing the research the everyday fan doesn't do.

Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) is listed as the 6th most popular Tottenham blog (Football.London 10th)

I really enjoy the fact the blog is read in so many countries, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Moldova, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Namibia, South Africa, France, Spain, Norway, Germany, India and many many more.

Fans around the world are important, it isn't just about the fan in the stadium as the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) seem to believe.

There are fans who are just as dedicated to everything Tottenham in parts of the world and in circumstances that make attending a match impossible, that doesn't make them any less of a fan.

Thanks for reading the blog that gives you a common sense insight and adds the variety you can't find elsewhere.

Let's crack on with Tottenham Transfer Talk on Wednesday 20th October incorporating Spurs Chat before we get into Tottenham Transfer Talk.

Spurs Chat

Gus Poyet was talking on the radio on Tuesday 12th October and in an Interesting interview he said he wouldn’t want to work with a Technical Director, would need ‘total control’ to be manager of a club.

That has changed, the game has changed.

Every top club uses a Technical Director, Sporting Director Director of Football or in Spurs' case a Managing Director of Football.

Managers no longer decide which players they want, a figure higher up the chain does.

A Head Coach, like Nuno, get's given players to work with.

His input is merely the type of players he wants but even then, his vision must match the vision of the Director.

Both must be striving to achieve the same vision along the same path, one has to trust the other.

Spurs now operate in this way, Fabio Paratici is in charge of football matters at the club and it is he, not Daniel Levy, that is building our squad, with the budget the club dictate.

This is the key difference a section of our fans won't accept as it doesn't fit their hatred agenda and desire to be a Sugar Daddies plaything.

Fabio Paratici is handed a budget, plus what he can raise with player sales and how he spends it is up to him.

The manager or head coach, is just that these days, a coach and not all coaches are equal.

Another bugbear of mine, people don't appreciate what a club needs these days is a quality coach who can improve players, not just be given stars to work with.

OK, we are going to generate more money and be able to afford better players, that is a process, a process we have only just started quite frankly, Paratici has only had one window.

Spurs fans don't give anyone a chance though, they didn't want a proven winner, who will win more trophies in Mourinho and they don't want Nuno either.

They want free flowing entertaining football from the outset, whoever the players are, which is a road to failure.

You have to build the foundations first and then develop the entertaining football the fans want to see.

You have to work with what you've got, not a fantasy of what you'd like.

You have to work with the money you've got, not the fantasy of what you'd like.

UEFA want clubs to be self sufficient and therefore sustainable.

That's exactly how Spurs are being built.

As the great Brian Clough said on The Frost Interview, you have to believe or it destroys you.

Look at our fans who have destroyed themselves, who only support for 90 minutes, they are all bitter and twisted people.

That's no way to live your life or approach someone or something you profess to love.

If you have lost the love, you need to broaden your mind to embrace it again.

What is the point of hatred, it achieves no purpose, it achieves nothing.

What's the point in conversing with someone who isn't going to make you feel good, they aren't going to change their hatred with anything you say so you might as well just cut them out of your life, you'll be happier for it.

The above Tweet demonstrates what sort of reptiles the anti-Levy cluster are. Utterly vile. I doubt the two stars in his profile picture would want to be associated with such filth if they knew.

A guy to block obviously, which I have done.

Several ask to look at the audience who voted, decent human beings obviously.

But isn't that telling, they are suggesting decent people are not supporters as they aren't racked with hatred and can see beyond their limitations.

This is exactly why the THST do not represent the Spurs fans around the world and is run for the egos of Kat and Martin, an organisation that is clearly in need of a regular change of leadership.

Won't happen for obvious reasons. Martin has his own agenda and he doesn't like it if you point out the huge errors in it, totally a wrong person to be a co-chairman, not open-minded at all.

Tottenham Transfer Talk

Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, RB Leipzig, AC Milan, Torino, Hellas Verona, Anderlecht, Glasgow Rangers and West Ham United are closely following the progress of RB Salzburg striker Roko Šimić according to several sources including the Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List.

The trouble is he is already in the Red Bull system, not an insurmountable hurdle but a hurdle none the less.

The 18-year-old (19 next September) Croatian U-21 international (4 caps, 5 goals was born in Milan, Italy and is currently on loan at second tier side FC Liefering, where he has scored 7 goals in 10 games and a further 2 goals in the UEFA Youth League in 2 games.

Goalscorers are worth their weight in gold and we have seen from Erling Harland that they need to be purchased before they have made it into the big time as their value can sky rocket.

They MUST have the mentality to go with it and that can be a problem in young players who get distracted, like Troy Parrot and their careers stall until their mentality changes to focus on the football again and not their image and ego.

We should be watching his videos every week, a body language expert should be watching each game and talking notes, a psychologist should be watching and taking notes too.

What's £100,000 spent on body language experts and psychologists if it improves our success rate in the transfer market or uncovers a gem, a player with the mentality of a Ronaldo or Messi?

It's a no-brainer, but it isn't what clubs do traditionally so there is a barrier there to overcome, one in the fans too.

We have a scouting problem and the only solution the fans know is to get someone else in, rather than make more innovative solutions.

This explains why they can only see one solution off the field and only one solution on it, when there are more.

Anyway, back to 6ft 3in Šimić, who has only played 679 minutes of Erste Liga (Austria Div 2) minutes, scoring a goal every 97 minutes.

With the youth league added it, a goal every 95 minutes.

He has played 69% of league minutes, contributing to 28% of his sides goals.

Former Everton and Rangers striker Ger Nikica Jelavić, who has just retired from playing at the age of 35 played with Simić at former club Lokomotiva Zagreb.

“Roko is certainly one of the greatest talents in Croatian football! That’s for sure, he’s a young and decent guy, brilliantly brought up and he’s a real rough diamond.

“He is gaining experience, I played with him and as one of the older players, we helped him along.

“Everyone knows who he is because of his famous father, but that’s a burden that will shorty be off his back because he’s good enough to write his own story.

“I am convinced that Roko will make a great career and that he will be a world-class striker, I really haven’t seen a more talented player than Roko for a long time.”

A week ago he extended his contract with RB Salzburg until 2025, they are the feeder club of RB Leipzig and offer a pathway to the top for young talent.

Weston McKennie

Spurs and West Ham are continually linked with the American playing at Juventus.

The latest talk is of the Italians allowing the midfielder to lave in January to raise funds and a space for rising Monaco star Aurélien Tchouaméni.

The defensive midfielder is being followed by every top club in Europe and has been linked with all of them, including ourselves.

Does that increase the chances of Spurs signing McKennie, possibly, but we now know Paratici lines up many potential signings and then chooses which pieces of the jigsaw to iece together.

It has also shown fans that he will look for players at the right price, not any price.

A year of fans in the stadium will help our finances, we have greater debts to pay off than others.

As I have written before it will take 2 years to properly kick in.

Marco Asensio

Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio is on the Tottenham radar, he isn't getting the game time he would like under Carlo Ancelloti.

The 25-year-old (26 next January) has been hampered by injuries this season and it is thought Real Madrid are prepared to listen to offers of £33.72m (€40m - US$46.63m - AUS$62.43m) for him.

Noa Lang

A name you probably don't know, but Spurs are monitoring the progress of 22-year-old (23 next June) Club Brugge striker Noa Lang.

The former Ajax winger is being heavily tracked by Liverpool and his performances have alerted Europe to his potential.

He won Man on the Match when Club Brugge played the mighty PSG recently.

Clubs are strongly looking for the next generation of talent and looking to snap them up before they become too expensive.

Like it or not, increasing a players value is part and parcel of the football business at every club, as is selling players at a profit, preferably a hefty profit.

Mauro Icardi

Another being linked with Tottenham again due to the fact he isn't getting game time at PSG with the arrival of a certain Lionel Messi is 28-year-old (29 next February) Argentinian Italian international (8 caps, 1 goal, 1 assist) Mauro Icardi.

Icardi has only played 479 minutes in Ligue 1 this season scoring 3 goals.

You don't need me to tell you all about him though, he isn't an unknown player is he.

Well that's it for this morning's offering folks.

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