VAR Being Misused

VAR Being Misused

VAR is being misused by the Premier League and they have been told by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and UEFA that they must use it as the rest of Europe does or their licence will be removed.

The Premier League can not afford that to happen, whether fans would like to get rid of it or not, VAR is here to stay. What we have to do is perfect how we use it.

Referees have to have control and referees must go and look at pitchside monitors, however, that just leads to someone telling the referee to go and watch a monitor if they recommend a change of decision. That means that 19 times out of 20 the decision will be reversed, otherwise, there would be no point in the referee going to look at the monitor.

I would like to see figures of how many times a referee is informed he has made a mistake and how many times he overrules that decision and sticks with his decision.

Football needs to adopt the rugby league version whereby it is shown on a big screen to everyone and the communication of the officials is pubic too.

The referee tells the video referee what to check and gives his opinion as he watches it on the screen.

Whether fans agree with it or not, they know what is going on and why a decision is taken,

Then the crowd knows exactly what is being looked at and why a decision has been made instead of keeping everything secret, as they have for years. A referee does not have to explain his decisions and a manager is not allowed to complain about them or him.

Jose Mourinho called it VR, video refereeing, not VAR and he was right.

The Raheem Sterling red card foul on Dele Alli was not decided by Mike Dean.
The Sergio Aguero penalty decision against Spurs was not made by Mike Dean.
The Hugo Lloris coming off his line decision was not made by Mike Dean.
The Raheem Sterling dive or penalty decision was not made by Mike Dean.

Apparently, if Raheen Sterling had committed a yellow card offence in the 1 minute 55 seconds that the game continued before a penalty was awarded to Manchester City, the red card would have stood.

If Spurs had scored and Raheem Sterling had committed a second yellow card in that time, the Spurs goal would have been disallowed, if the game had not restarted, but the Sterling red would have remained.

The rules don't make any sense and the referee isn't refereeing the game, he has abdicated that responsibility to someone who isn't even there.

Then we move on to the Southampton game and let's face it, Son was hardly touched and decided to go down. The ref gave it and VAR somehow didn't change it. If you look at the replays it was never a penalty.

One decision for us, one against.

There is no reason why referees are not using this time to get their heads around how to use the technology properly.

Stay safe everyone, stay at home, if you don't, it won't clear.


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