Tottenham Transfer Talk

Tottenham Transfer Talk

Hello everyone. Please forgive any errors, I'm struggling to see anything in focus the last few days, I have usually got about 6 feet of focus but I can't read a paper today or focus on the screen a foot away. That's life.

Mind you, I wrote most of this earlier and was going to add more to it so I'll just throw this out there for regular readers.

I have listed three players we are watching and have spoken to about joining us in the summer in my last article (link below) and at this stage, all three have indicated they would like to come to Spurs, despite in one case, Victor Osimhen, interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Tottenham Transfer Talk

I also highlighted three players who had signed contracts and one of them, Troy Parrott, has now been officially announced.

There has been plenty of media speculation over Gareth Bale, who does not want to leave Real Madrid and whose agent does not want to take a drop in salary, indeed he seems to want his client to go and play for the highest bidder in terms of wages and that is not Tottenham Hotspur.

We do keep talking to see what might be possible but we are never close, however, that doesn't mean we wouldn't sign an ex-Spurs player from Real Madrid.

Spurs are also looking at bringing back Luka Modrić and David Beckham is hoping to lure him to the MLS and the club he owns Miami Inter.

The 34-year-old (35 in September) is currently on €10m (£8.47m) a year, which equates roughly to £163,000 per week which is now within our capabilities and he would certainly please the Spurs faithful who like name signings only.

He has a year left on his contract in the summer and may want to see it out, Real may want to keep him or let him leave. It is a situation we are keeping an eye on and having words behind the scenes to stay abreast of his situation.

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