Mourinho Rebuilding

Mourinho Rebuilding

The rebuilding of Tottenham Hotspur with a team for the future, in other words a team that has a few years in them and can be added to as we go, will take place over the next few windows.

I revealed in a recent Tottenham Transfer Talk - Mourinho Rebuilding Plans that there were as many as 14 players playing for their future.

I believe, and this is a personal opinion, that Giovani Lo Celso is starting to impress. If you listen to the Jose Mourinho press conferences he is starting to make some encouraging noises about him.

Well, I wrote the bones of this piece over a week ago and since then Mourinho has said in a press conference that Lo Celso will be staying. You can all see why I was so excited about this player in the summer. He is a talent and he is starting to adjust.

I can reconfirm what I said at the start of the transfer window that Spurs will only be looking for loan deal, be that with a purchase option later, as in the Fernandes signing, or not.

The reason it has all gone quiet on Polish striker Krzysztof Piątek is that we want a loan and AC Milan want a sale.

The difference between a sale now and a sale in the summer is which accounting year the figures go into and AC Milan have had problems with Financial Fair Play after the owners pumped too much money in and the books didn't balance.

I suspect AC Milan have to get money in this accounting year thus have to have a sale in January as opposed to a loan as we went back with another offer of a loan and a guaranteed sale in the summer which was also rejected.

All this does not mean that we won't sign him, just that we will explore other possibilities and perhaps come back to the deal later in the window if other options don't pan out. Indeed we are prepared to spend, but on a very limited budget this window.

We have been unable to include Gabigol in a deal for Eriksen with Inter because Inter value Eriksen at about £8.51 million (currency converter in right-hand sidebar but that's 10m euros).

The 28-year-old (29 in 3 days) Cape Verde and Porto striker Zé Luís was mentioned but neither he nor Porto are looking for a loan deal this window.

As you all probably know by now, attention has turned to 22-year-old (23 in December) Serbia and Real Madrid striker Luka Jović. He has had 660 minutes playing time in total this season, that's the equivalent of 7.33 games.

That has taken 18 games to amass and 166 of those were in the Cup (semi-final and final). He has started 4 games in LaLiga and just one game in the Champions League, the final game against Belgian side Club Brugge. He has one goal and one assist.

Both he and his agent are keen for more playing time so we are of interest.

That has meant we have enquired about Gareth Bale but as I have written before the financial side of this is tangled with personal advertisers, for instance, having stipulations that he must be playing for Real Madrid.

The next striker to be mentioned is 28-year-old (29 in November) former Brazilian U-20 and now Real Sociedad centre-forward Willian José.

He is under contract until 2024 and the two clubs are a long way apart on valuations but the player is very keen on coming to work with Mourinho.

No surprise this is going to the end of the window with so few Premier Lague games this month.

Davinson Sanchez had his best game for Mourinho and then had probably his worst against Middlesbrough. His future has to be in the balance.

I hear that the boss likes the look of Oliver Skipp, even though the plan was to send him out on loan for first-team football.

We can add Skipp and Lo Celso to the list of players staying.

Jack Clarke is going out on loan to get some game time too, he might well be staying given we have only just bought him.

Gedson has signed in the last few days and 21-year-old (22 in June) attacking-midfielder Eberchi Eze will be arriving from QPR in the summer. That deal is being negotiated at the moment and thus should be an early summer arrival to have a full pre-season.

A young long-term replacement for Hugo Lloris is needed, Gazzaniga has shown he doesn't have it mentally with his howler against Chelsea. Expect Lloris to come back rejuvenated and performing on top form again as opposed to the error-strewn performances we were seeing.

Danny Rose needs replacing, Sessegnon is learning the role but is rather poor in it as we saw again last night.

Tanguy Tanganga was rested but he too looks weak on the left against pace and seems far more comfortable in the centre of defence or on the right.

Ben Davies might be more of a centre-back, certainly he gives the defensive option on the left that Mourinho wanted to employ with him in the role.

Max Aarons (Norwich City) and Nathan Ferguson (WBA) are summer targets for right-back.

Those thinking Mourinho will be going out buying big names are going to be disappointed. As I have said previously, Mourinho and Levy had chats to agree on a way forward. He has not been appointed to spend, spend, spend.

Leicester City has shown you can win the Premier League without buying and both they (this season) and ourselves (previous seasons) have shown you can compete at the top of the Premier League with quality coaching, not just big spending.

It is a mindset our supporters need to get away from.

Thee is a correlation between the wages you pay and the success you get because with higher wages comes a better mindset and you put a team together with better mindsets they will beat a team of equal skill nine times out of ten.

My argument is why do you have to pay for players with the right mindset, why can't you create them?

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.

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