Calls for Poch to be sacked are stupid

Calls for Poch to be sacked are stupid

I knew what was going to happen as soon as I saw the team. Mousa Sissoko playing as a defensive midfielder doesn't work, as I have said before.

He, yet again, stopped us playing out from the back because he doesn't make himself available to receive the ball of the two centre-backs. That means they have to look for more complicated and risky passes and the result is we kept giving the ball away.

When Sissoko plays as a defensive midfielder, he is an extra attacker for the opposition when we are in possession at the back.

Until he learns positioning in these instances our building from the back problems will continue.

Tanguy Ndombélé and Mousa Sissoko play the same role, neither is an out and out defensive midfielder. Week in week out it does not work in the Premier League and it is patently obvious. 

If Pochettino is trying to turn Sissoko into a defensive midfielder he isn't learning the positioning side of the game. It isn't improving. If he is hoping we will learn to build from the back without passing to a defensive midfielder, well that isn't working either.

Serge Aurier was passing the buck, in acres of space he stops and plays the ball inside, who gives it straight back to him and he immediately wants to play another stopping play pass.

The other main takeaway from the first-half was slow passing around the back yet again. That is an attitude problem, a mental problem. It is so frustrating because it is so obvious so why aren't we working on their mentality?

It's, well it's stupid. Get a bloody sports psychologist in and get one in bloody quick. He would sort it out in no time, that aspect is simple, but you can't change it if you don't address the underline cause.

Why did we concede just after we had scored - mentality.

Stop picking Sissoko as a defensive midfielder and work on mentality, don't just wait for the strong characters to show up.

A mentally weak player will be a mentally weak player under any manager and I find it pathetic that at the first downturn fans are calling for Pochettino to be sacked, the same fans who complain when Daniel Levy sacks managers!

Did Sir Alex Ferguson get sacked at every dip or was he allowed to build a new team? We are not as experienced in doing that as Man U as we are finding out but I'm sure we will learn from the experience.

We have found a good manager but we are learning a lesson about managing a squad when we are a top-four team.

Alderweield should have been sold the summer before last and a replacement brought in. The fans got it wrong yet again. Danny Rose should have been sold when he was worth something.

You have to look ahead. Keep your best players or you'll never get anywhere, well we kept them and we are going backwards as a result.

The length of contract matters and a player has to be sold when he gets to 2 years left if he won't sign a new deal, period.


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