All Poch can do is encourage and hope

All Poch can do is encourage and hope

People buy because of desire, not because of need.

Tottenham needs a win BUT do the individual players DESIRE a win enough?

Mauricio Pochettino has to look at his squad and decide who the strong characters are and who has the desire to achieve, as opposed to those who are just going to give their best.

I have written it again and again, motivation matters and knowing EXACTLY what motivates each and every player should be essential for any manager, but in football it isn't. Football is behind the times, managers are behind the times even though sports science is at the forefront of knowing when a player is in optimum physical condition.

How does a manager know when a player is in optimum mental condition as well? He doesn't, simple as that and he should, it is a huge element in success.

I would be very interested to know what each and every player says to themselves before a game and before they go to bed. I bet most of them say nothing to themselves before they go to bed and I bet most of you think it would be pointless.

That is part of the problem we face, a lack of understanding of all elements that make up performance.

Muhammad Ali used to keep saying "I am the greatest" and plenty of other positive phrases? They were self-affirmations, self-talk to instill it in his subconscious as well as his opponents and media that he was the best, and he was.

Self-talk instills the belief that you have the skills, abilities, positive attitudes and beliefs that are some of the building blocks of success. It seems crazy to me that we leave one of those building blocks untapped.

Repetition of them embed them in your subconscious and have a major effect on performance. They aren't something you can just turn on and turn off, they have to be a part of you everyday.

So how many players use them? If they did they wouldn't have so much doubt and wouldn't be performing so badly.

All Pochettino can do is encourage and show he has total belief in them, then keep his fingers crossed.

The fans can help by staying totally behind the team in the ground and on social media.

The emphatic Champions League win will help, but the opposition were poor and Liverpool will be a totally different kettle of fish.

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