Asensio Eriksen Swap Rejected, Isco, Ceballos

Asensio Eriksen Swap Rejected, Isco, Ceballos


I see the Sun are now reporting what I have reported for months, that Tottenham wants Asensio as part of any Christian Eriksen deal.

I revealed this back in April, May and again 3 days ago. They couldn't simply be copying my news could they! LOL, The papers and regurgitation sites have certainly done it before I can assure you. here is the article from 3 days ago,
Ascensio and Isco

This follows hot on the heels of everyone being 2 weeks late on the Elif Elmas story to, again something I reported on 13 days before the press.

Eriksen - Asensio Update

I can tell you, again, not being reported elsewhere, that Real Madrid rejected our request for Asensio in any deal and that the deal was proposed and rejected BEFORE they offered us Dani Ceballos.


The news on Isco is that Real Madrid are looking to offload him to Italy where new tax breaks are coming in and they hope that will facilitate the moves of Isco and James Rodriguez who has been on loan at Bayern Munich for two years.

Juventus are the main interested party. Isco is no spring chicken anymore, being 27 (28 next April). However, Isco doesn't want to leave Real Madrid and has always resisted all efforts to offload him. Spurs tried to sign him but he couldn't be convinced to leave Real Madrid.

Whether he goes this time we'll have to wait and see but it's highly unlikely he would end up at Tottenham now.

Dani Ceballos

On Dani Ceballos, AC Milan wants to buy him but his €40m (£35.77m - $45.58m) is out of their reach, given they have Financial Fair Play difficulties so they are looking at a loan deal instead. That isn't much use to Real Madrid, apart from getting wages off their books as they need the money from player sales to replenish the coffers.

They may have a €450m (£402.45m - $512.80m) transfer budget but that won't be enough to get all the players they want to assemble another Galacticos team. Perez is going to return to his policy of buying a superstar every summer.

They have just rejected a loan deal with a compulsory purchase clause for James Rodrigues because they want money now.

There has been nothing to suggest we are interested in Dani Ceballos, rather Real Madrid offering him as a carrot to tempt us to part with Christian Eriksen, who Pochettino would rather not sell. From what I can find out we have watched him and we did make inquiries for his last summer, but he was another we couldn't prise away from the Spanish club.

That will be why they have offered him to us and surely now he would be interested, but he does want regular football.

Dani Ceballos vs Belgium U-21 

1 assist 
121 touches 
98 passes 
90% pass accuracy
5 key passes 
2 dribbles won 
1 tackle won 

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