Quiet January Transfer Window

A Quiet January Transfer Window For Spurs


I wrote this on 31st December and after Pochettino's comments it looks as though I have the situation spot on.

The January transfer window is nearly upon us so the media will and are fuelling transfer speculation with little thought to the actual practicalities.

Tottenham will not have a busy transfer window. Clubs do not want to lose the type of player we want mid-season, they can't properly replace them. They can't give them a pre-season to get used to their teammates or the clubs system of play.

Spurs do not want to sign players just for numbers, the fans seem to, but Mauricio Pochettino doesn't.

Cue the stupid whinging about Levy not spending money or not having the desire. Both are beyond ludicrous if you understand the context, the actual practicalities of our situation both on and off the pitch.

We have been unable to shift players, hence we can't buy as there are no squad places available. We even have Vincent Janssen on the books without a squad number, that alone should tell you all you need to know about our situation.

Fernando Llorente looks to have secured a deal with Galatasaray to lave in January but Janssen and N'Koudou both need to be offloaded as well before we can buy.

There is also Toby Alderweireld to consider. The club needs to know what is happening there as there has been an interesting development in Holland.

Ajax have agreed a deal with Boca Juniors to sign 25-year-old (26 next September) centre-back Lisandro Magallán on a four and a half year contract for £8.06 million (€9m).

Tottenham are just one of a host of clubs who want to sign 19-year-old (20 next August) Ajax captain and centre-half, Matthijs de Ligt, who we tried to sign last summer but Ajax wanted to hold onto him for another season.

Without Alderweireld leaving there is probably not a place available, especially given the development of Juan Foyth. We do seem to like Ajax defenders, Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, Davinson Sanchez and we have Christian Eriksen in midfield of course.

With the likes of Barcelona interested de Ligt will be a difficult one to sign, but the signings we want are all difficult and highly unlikely to happen in January.

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  1. At this time of year we often seem to get some of our injured players back after prolonged absences. This is like new signings and gives us extra impetus to carry on building momentum to the end of the season. Let's hope this sees us through.

    Considering how well we've done so far in a season where :
    1 Two other clubs are performing beyond their usual levels (Liverpool certainly, and Shitty rarely do as well as they are).
    2 We've had tiredness and injuries and loss of form due to so many of our principal players having had very long runs in the World Cup over the summer.
    3 We've had to play all our home games away from home.
    4 We've had continued mental disruption with the new stadium saga.

    Having got better results than we've ever previously got in the Premiership era I don't think anyone^H^H^H reasonable person could deny we have continued to grow and develop with Pochettino at the helm. Each season we get better. Each season there are more and more reasons for up and coming players to choose Spurs over other/alternative destinations when considering where to go to progress their careers.

    Did I mention we have the new stadium to look forward to later in the season? I don't see any newly signed players having any effect on the rest of our season, but I see many other positive factors that should help us to kick on. New players may well be brought in, but unlikely to be marquee signings. If they come in they can be prepared, as all before them have been, to fit into the team or the squad for future seasons.

    What a great time to be a Spurs supporter.



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