Onomah replacing Dembélé

Has Onomah got what it takes to replace Dembélé?

Mousa Dembélé looks as if he is coming to the end of his time at Tottenham with his fitness issues catching up with him and his contract running out at the end of the season.

Some are suggesting that Josh Onomah should be brought back and given a chance. My view is that that is charity and Spurs are not a charity but a top line football team where you have to prove you deserve a game before you get one.

In addition, he looks more of an attacking midfielder than a defensive one or a link midfielder. Would he fit in the midfield diamond? Would you be comfortable with him at the base of it, at the Dele Alli point of it or one of the two side positions?

Yes you have to develop youngsters, but the youngsters have to show the right attitude, the right mentality to get that chance, you don't just give it to anyone with a bit of skill, every player these days has technical ability.

You go into forums and read or go on Twitter and this aspect isn't even considered by the average fan, yet it is the most important factor in the makeup of a footballer or any sportsman for that matter.

The question you should be asking is has he shown the mental desire to improve his game and force his way into contention? He has been to two Championship clubs now and can't get a regular game with either of them. According to their managers, he simply doesn't do enough, which was my assessment of him at Spurs.

Oliver Skipp is showing what Onomah first showed when he was picked for the Spurs side. He then had success with England at the 2017 FIFA Under-20 World Cup, having previously won the 2014 UEFA U-17 European Championships and stood still for Spurs, indeed he went backwards.

His performances became almost lethargic, he had no impact on the games at all, he looked to have nothing about him, he looked as if he felt he had made it and didn't need to try any more.

Has he improved since that point?

He started 20 Championship games for Aston Villa in 2017/18, making a further 13 appearances as asubstitute. This season he has made 8 starting appearances and 3 as a sub. The last 2 games he has not been in the squad.

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  1. If you listen to what the other Spurs players say about Moussa Dembélé you'll hear that almost all think of him as up there as the best at almost everything. As far as his job goes he provides such a solid base for retrieving the ball and also building up the play.

    Onomah sometimes has some good things said about him, but quite rarely in truth.

    I don't see this as a question that really needs an answer.