These Transfers Rarely Happen

These Transfers Rarely Happen

Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Roma, and Bayern Munich are said to be watching 21-year-old (22 next November) Dynamo Kiev winger Victor Tsygankov.

The Ukranian international (11 caps) born in Israel is under contract until 2013. He has scored 11 goals with 8 assists in 28 games (2,423 minutes). The Ukranian side has already turned down a €20m bid.

We have often been linked with players from this region and they are not signed. We would have to go back to Sergei Rebrov and Russian Roman Pavlyuchenko, neither of whom was a success.

I don't see this happening. With moves from these areas, there are off the field cultural differences to consider just as much as on-field ability. A player must settle off the field to produce on the field.

That was hammered home to us when we signed Argentinian Erik Lamela who reportedly simply wanted to return to Italy. He was unhappy in London, his fitness wasn't great and his form was terrible, he hid on the wing out the way for the most part, not even trying to venture into the box. He is a different player now.

New signings still have to learn our systems and particularly how to press as a group, what and who our triggers are and, as was the case with Lucas Moura, how to defend in our system.

A January signing you may not see the worth of until the following season, yet all and sundry just seem to think a player signed is immediate;y at the top of their form and seamlessly fits in with virtually bo practice.

The real world is often very different.


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  1. I agree. I'd be very surprised if anyone coming in this month gets to make a positive difference this season.

    That doesn't mean it won't be tried. It doesn't mean it's a waste of time. They can still be brought in and prepared for next season. They just won't make much difference for this one.

    We'll need to rely on the current squad and their fitness to see us through to May.


  2. It could be argued then, that this is the best time for us to bring players in... with a view to the future... give them 6+ months bedding in time instead of just the pre season!?

  3. It could Neil. Some of our better transfers recently have been just such January ones. It doesn't always take all that time, though it could be said it did for Moura, but at worst they get prepared mentally and they have the full pre-season in order to get ready physically to compete in what is a very fit squad.

    I wouldn't say it's necessary but there's certainly a lot to be said for January transfers - just not for expecting them to make a real impact in that same season.



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