So much Transfer Window moaning

So Much Transfer Window Moaning


Let's first look at the homegrown and non-homegrown situation.

Spurs have 7 homegrown players.

Of those, 4 are club products, Harry Kane, Danny Rose, Harry Winks and Kyle Walker-Peters. 

The other three, Dele Alli, Ben Davies and Kieran Trippier were trained at other clubs in the same football association. For the Premier League, Swansea are classed as the same association, but for the Champions League they are not, thus Ben Davies is a non-homegrown player in European competition.

We can have a total of 17 non-homegrown players in the squad we name to the Premier League. If we have any more, who were over 21 on January 1st, then they can not play in the Premier League.

A named Premier League squad consists of a maximum of 25 players. You can use as many under 21 players (under 21 on 1st January of the year the season starts) as you like.

You do not have to name 25 players in a squad. We have 24 players, plus Under-21 players.

In Europe, we require 8 players to complete a full squad of 25, of whom at least 4 must be club products. For every homegrown player you are short in Europe, you have to omit a non-homegrown player, thus it is vital to have enough homegrown or club-trained players.

Jack Grealish is therefore quite a vital signing. he has ability, he has potential, he is mates with Dele and thus you would expect his character to fit into our squad. His value should increase and he helps us fulfill our homegrown and home association trained quotas, with helps us maximise the non-homegrown players we can use.

Eric Dier is a non-homegrown player and not an association trained player either for Europe, despite playing for England.

What we don't want to end up with is average homegrown players, thus signing players with potential like Dele is important, again a reason we are so interested in Jack Grealish. From what I understand the potential of an Aston Villa takeover is all that is holding things up. They want to give themselves as much time as possible to try and get it finalised, however, these things take time, so his purchase is rather out of our hands at the moment.

Financially we can not buy players and pay their wages, while still paying the wages of the players we want to leave the club. Financial madness for us, despite what some think, we do not have the money of the other top 6 clubs.

Foreign clubs can simply wait, as they are, and have us over a barrel. Players to buy are lined up so don't expect any until we have some outgoing conformed and we would prefer sales rather than loans so we don't have the same problem next summer and their value drops with a year less on their contracts.

The other point is wages. Foreign clubs don't pay our wages, thus players at Spurs are on a high wage for many a club in Europe, again making it difficult to make sales, or indeed loans. Why should a player agree to a loan when another club might come in for them later in the window who can offer them a better chance of Champions League football or a better standard of football than Turkey.

We have had months to agree loan deals, so what. Both clubs have to agree who is going to pay the players wages and the player has to decide what he wants to do. In that respect, it is out of our hands, not a fault of Levy as some seem to want to attribute it.

Spurs can not afford to take hits on players or we reduce our spending power in future windows. Transfer funds are calculated first by subtracting your annual player costs (players are paid for over the term of a contract, not in a lump sum) from your annual player sales income (again yearly installment payments). 

You then add to that. Obviously, if you start taking hits on players there is a knock-on effect and the very same fans willstill moan the next window with the same arguments anyway, they don't fully appreciate how the business of football is paid for.


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  1. Very interesting post Would love to know if your post is based on fact or just your personally view, but it does seem to be close to the truth I have to say

  2. Clive, I humbly suggest you read the Birmingham Mail on the reality of the AV situation.
    AV still have to sell player(s) to meet the requirements of FPP. The influx of capital from the new owners does not impact on that (FPP) as it seems likely that AV needs, at the very least, to break even in 2018-19 because of losses sustained in 2016-17 & 2017-18.
    The new cash injection does however give AV the ability to meet current commitments so that the chances of Grealish being sold at a knockdown price are now more remote.
    So the question is does DL continue to pursue Grealish (if indeed this the case) knowing that his chances of success have been reduced?

  3. The thing is , we should be expecting to take a hit on players that have not made the grade at Spurs. You can't expect top dollar for Jensen he's been a failure ! If it really is him holding up all our supposed transfers , which I do not believe is the case. These rules which are there but don't seem to stop anyother clubs except us and we are seen as the club with the most English players in the side.
    It's more likely our targets are few and far between because unless we improve the side or squad it just isn't worth signing to many players to take a punt with.
    I quite hope we are forced to bring our young players through.
    Jensen, Sissoko and Dembele need to be made properly available with realistic price tags on their heads. I'm not bothered wether we replace them with overseas players , If we do then only 1 and purches our first choice player with a proper bid. Our first 13 is very strong now so it is very difficult to improve it.


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