Quite brilliant article comparing Spurs to Villa

Other clubs would love to have Levy as Chairman

Daniel Levy has transformed Tottenham

Daniel Levy, as we all know whether we admit it or not, is the best chairman we have had in living memory and an article from an Aston Villa fan demonstrates why.

Levy has transformed Tottenham while Aston Villa are now in financial difficulties, they can't even bring in free players and are forced to sell assets, as Steve Bruce confirmed to the media recently. As it happens that is Jack Grealish to Spurs.

They remind us that they Aston Villa finished above Tottenham 8 times out of 10 when the Premier League was formed and that they had a bigger stadium than us, so loads of potential to push on, yet it is Spurs who have done so.

I have little time for fools and had a fan complain that Levy was difficult to deal with quoting Sir Alex Ferguson. However, Sir Alex Ferguson's quote was about them trying to steal Dimitar Berbatov who we simply didn't want to sell. Thus the anti-Levy fan was actually complaining about Levy trying to keep one of our best players, that his fellow haters complain about allowing him to leave, not that we had much choice given he simply turned up at Manchester airport in the last few hours of the window.

An extract:
"Levy has garnered himself a fearsome reputation. As a boyhood Spurs fan, his business acumen has no doubt been sharpened by a desire to make his club as successful as possible. Sir Alex Ferguson’s displeasure at having to deal with Levy was well known, with the legendary Manchester United manager famously commenting that negotiating a deal for Dimitar Berbatov was more painful than his hip replacement."
That passage speaks volumes. Other clubs would love to have someone like Daniel Levy running them, feared, but fiercely admired. They go on:

"As perhaps the toughest negotiator in the English game, the thought of him up against our rabble in securing a deal for Grealish is almost comical. Levy will pull our pants down, slap us on the backside and make us feel grateful for anything sum of money that we receive. And he will probably wait until it’s ‘Levy Time’; right at the end of the transfer window in order to get the cheapest deal possible."
Basic business is to buy low, sell high and football clubs are businesses so of course, we are going to ant the best deal for the club. Sir Alex Ferguson also said on a documentary on him for the BBC I think it was, that to have a successful side on the pitch, you first had to have a successful business of it. Our business couldn't be in better hands.

Instead of seeing Spurs with rose-tinted glasses, read how we are seen by others and how they feel they should be where we are, if only they were run as brilliantly as we are.

It's an excellent article, full of common sense, take a read and let me know what you think. You might want to share this to remind the anti-Levy crowd they have never had it so good.

How Tottenham became the club Villa should’ve been

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  1. I've just read "Brave New World" (Not the Aldous Hexley one ;-) ) and the way he describes working with Levy gives a clear insight into what Levy wants for Spurs. In there Levy himself explains that Pochettino is the one who wants to be very careful which new players get brought in. He (MP) is very much of the mindset that unless he's likely to fit in, then he'd rather not have him in there disrupting the team gel and spirit.

    Levy is unused to dealing with a manager that resists him spending money and slows down the rolling process of changing the team drastically every transfer window. Along with this goes keeping hold of, and keeping the enthusiasm of, the existing squad. The whole squad - not just the regular starters.

    I found the book fascinating. It won't be a comfortable read for the Levy-haters though.


    1. I have 80 pages left to read (2 weeks for me) as I forget where my wife puts things, as she is forever tidying up. It does give a clear understanding of exactly what Poch wants and where he sees life and loyaltys.
      I still haven't read anything about why he wanted ride of Walker though, he must of become disillusioned with him at some point.

    2. I think I went through it in about four days. I may have missed out on some sleep but it was hard to put it down.

      You will get your answer about Walker.

      He never did want rid of him, though he was very unimpressed with Walker making his decision before the campaign was even over. Really very unimpressed.


  2. I think that article says it all really. Most of the world are able to realise that Spurs are currently a very well run, and extremely well managed club.



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