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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Will Barrios signing mean Dier moves to Dembélé role?

Will Barrios signing mean Dier moves to Dembélé role?

A new role for Eric Dier at Spurs next season?

Eric Dier could be about to move into a new role at Tottenham next season if the signing of Colombian defensive midfielder Wilmar Barrios goes through. First a look at Barrios.

The video tracking the movement of Wilmar Barrios starts at 7:21 and shows his individual game for Boca Juniors against Cerro. There are several movement video which are worth a look so I'll post some more to return and view.

People are asking what this means for Victor Wanyam or Eric Dier, that we don't need three defensive midfielders.

Eric Dier could operate in a back three if we switch to that more often next season or he could move into the Mousa Dembélé role. Mauricio Pochettino once said that he needs to look at Iniesta. He has a good cross, along with Trippier, the best at the club and he can see a pass.

He has the defensive qualities we know, but I see no reason why he couldn't also play the link role. You don't have to have a Dembélétype player, playing the Dembélé link role, other clubs don't.

I also think Dier would be better in the final third, he certainly possesses a greater scoring threat and Dembélé doesn't play that many cutting balls around the opposition box, he is more of a player to get us there and keep us there.

The switching of play element of his game, anyone can do, Ryan Mason did it and at a greater pace than Dembélé. Destroyer to a creator, can he?


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