AC Milan banned and will Klopp and Löw swap jobs

AC Milan banned and will Klopp and Löw swap jobs

Joachim Löw is considering his future

Earlier this summer I brought you news that AC Milan were being investigated by UEFA for failing to meet Financial Fair Play and that makes signing players difficult. Now it has got a whole lot worse for them as they have been thrown out of the UEFA Europa League next season as a result.

AC's argument was that they would pay in the future but UEFA look at 3-year periods and you have to break even over the term, AC Milan didn't.

In other news Germany are out of the World Cup and were quite frankly lucky to even get three points, as I highlighted after the last game. That Sweden result simply papered over the cracks.

If a side is set out to defend, then the other side will have the most possession. That is not an achievement, not because something Germany were doing well, it was something Sweden were allowing them to do.

The pressure in a Group stage is entirely different than the pressure in a knockout stage and Germany couldn't handle it once they lost the first game. The fluffed every chance created and that is down to pressure, that is down to mentality and not staying calm.

That pressure magnified against South Korea and yet again the Germans succumbed. It is possibly bad news for Liverpool as Joachim Löw is surely now going to resign. That would mean a new German manager was needed and Jurgen Klopp would be at the head of any list.

Perhaps they will be swapping roles, we'll have to wait and see.


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  1. I have to say that I see Klopp as a manager that can take a side like Liverpool and bring them on a long way. They pushed us all the way last season and they're not one of the big four either.

    They still have a larger kitty than we do but nevertheless what he's done so far is impressive. I'd be very happy to see him leave for the Germany team. Certainly as far as Spurs are concerned. It may make the next European cup a bit more of a struggle for England though. Woops.



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