Where Levy has taken Spurs since the 2001/01 Premier League table

Where Levy Has Taken Spurs Since The 2001/01 Premier League Table

Daniel Levy is steering Spurs in the right direction

I know the Premier League started earlier, I'm just showing you a few years before Daniel levy took over to show where we regularly finished in the Premier League table.

Premier League Finishes

1996/97 10th
1997/98 14th
1998/99 11th
2000/01 12th - Daniel Levy becomes Chairman of Spurs Feb 2001
2001/02 9th
2002/03 10th
2003/04 14th
2004/05 9th
2005/06 5th
2006/07 5th
2007/08 11th
2008/09 8th
2009/10 4th - Champions League
2010/11 5th
2011/12 4th
2012/13 5th
2013/14 6th - Pochettino joins Spurs May 2014
2014/15 5th
2015/16 3rd - Champions League
2016/17 2nd - Champions League
2017/18 Top 4 - Champions League (probably)

In addition we have built one of the best training facilities sin the world and are building one of the best stadiums in the world, plus the new players lodge will be ready soon.

To be a successful team then having the infrastructure for success can only help attract the right players. Part of being successful is creating the right environment for success, the facilities help, but the players attitude, happiness helps.

Daniel Levy has just had his previously agreed backdated pay rise and bonuses paid, taking this years amount to £6m. That is not his annual wage from now on as some may and no doubt are assuming.

We are a brilliantly run club, financially stable thanks to Levy's management,as we can all see, even those with an anti-Levy agenda.

He is the one who has driven to get the stadium, he is the one who has driven the NFL deal, the benefits of which we will see in the future. That is potentially a money spinner commercially and gives us a high profile in a major international market.

We now get invited to the International Champions Cup each summer to compete against the top teams. We have played Bayern Munich and this summer we meet Barcelona. Again this helps our exposure.

All this means that we continue to grow our revenue and that puts us in a position where we then have the possibility to win trophies on a regular basis, but we have to get to that position first, a fact a few fans seem to ignore.

When you have a long term goal to reach the top and win trophies regularly, you don't jeopardise that by suddenly changing tack and gambling with the clubs future by smashing a wages budget for instance.

Continued steady growth is the order of the day and when the new stadium money, match day and commercial, kicks in it will still be a period of steady growth, as I doubt there will suddenly be a huge increase.

Just because we are in the top 4 does not mean we have a top 4 income and therefore can't pay top 4 wages. However, the biggest pull for most players is winning trophies. While we are improving young players, playing them and competing for trophies, as we clearly are now,, we have that trump card to play.

Do we need a trophy, yes of course we do,but the long term future of the club will take priority over anything short term.

Daniel Levy is certainly doing a fine job. We are in an immensely better position now than when he took over, yet some fools still want him out, only these people can never offer any alternatives. Every club will have it's plastic fans and it's sugar daddy fans. The majority of us though are only too delighted with the progress we are making and see a bright future for the club.

What has happened to all the clubs that were around us when Levy took over? Look at the 200/01 table and ask yourself where these clubs are now and who is therefore better run?

Premier League Table 200/01

  1. Manchester United
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool
  4. Leeds United - had gambled financially on players and wages, failed to qualify for the Champions League and had therefore to sell players. Never recovered. A lesson to all Spurs fans.
  5. Ipswich Town - Championship
  6. Chelsea
  7. Sunderland - Championship
  8. Aston Villa - Championship
  9. Charlton Athletic - League One
  10. Southampton
  11. Newcastle United
  12. Tottenham Hotspur
  13. Leicester City
  14. Middlesbrough - Championship
  15. West Ham United
  16. Everton
  17. Derby County - Championship
  18. Manchester City
  19. Coventry City - League One with a new stadium
  20. Bradford City - League One

You can see the improvement we have made, you can see how financially sound we are compared to others, you can see we are now pushing for trophies where the others aren't, you can see we are clearly better run and like it or not, that is down to Daniel Levy.


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  1. Totally agree - the man responsible for the modern Tottenham Hotspur Football Club - the achievement is immense when you look at the difference in the club overall since 2000/01

  2. I like you to write an Article about Edwards who has just return to Tottenham after just 4 months without making an impact at Norwich, Poch described that he has "authority and behavioural problems"

    1. "Where is he now?" you mean?

      We've seen a bunch about him here in the past. Clive was saying a year or two back that these might turn out to be a factor if he can't deal with his attitude.

      I'd certainly be glad to hear how he's doing with respect to that. I suspect he's still struggling to make that big jump from boy wizard to man. Probably harder for him as he is so naturally talented. As most of us learned with exams though - all brain and no graft doesn't get you there.



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