New rule changes, Alderweireld and Luke Shaw


Rule Changes proposed:

  • Players can take free kicks to themselves
  • Goal kicks do not have to leave the penalty area
  • Free kicks permitted with a moving ball
  • Penalties conceded for handling back-passes
  • Penalty goals awarded for goalline handballs

I see the ITK today is confirming what I was writing on 8 June about Toby Alderweireld wanting a release clause in his contract and we don't want to insert one, most English contracts don't have one.
8 June - Alderweireld release clause

It didn't take a genius to work out what the problem was while everyone else is blindly yelling pay the man assuming everything is always about money.

Tottenham are interested in Luke Shaw and he and Pochettino are still friends from their Southampton days. They still have dinner together and no doubt do not discuss anything about his future. The 21-year-old (22 in July) has suffered injuries but is still young so if and when he gets his head back together he should kick on. After trying to stir him into producing more this season we'll see if Jose Mourinho wants him next season.

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  1. With Sessegnon dying to get a spurs move and Luke Shaw's career having been held back so far by weight issues I don't see any move for him happening any time soon. Sure Poch does double and triple training sessions but I cant imagine LVG didn't try to address Shaws weight problems, he was at his best at 17 or 18 remember and was already pretty stocky then when doing double and triple sessions with Poch. Would be a bad move.

  2. It's all in the head. His head was in a fine place under Poch before so I see no reason to assume it wouldn't be again if he were to get a move.

    Frankly, Poch is a much better judge of such things and if he wanted LS then I'd assume he would come here and resume his better self, as it were.



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