10 new Spurs shirt designs, which is your favourite?


Any new signing will want to be seen with out new Nike shirt which is being released on July 1 so we will have to wait until then for any signings, otherwise they would have to hold up an old shirt and our new sponsors won't ant any signing with an Under Armour shirt.

It doesn't matter that other are making announcements, July 1 the earliest for us, but that doesn't mean deals are not already agreed. We'll see.

Most of us have seen the new kit now, but over at Proper Spursy someone has put together a nice graphic of some of the suggested designs. Which one is your favourite?

I'm not a fan of one or two, three is quite nice with a single blue stripe, four is OK, the logo picture puts me off five, I like the sash of number six, seven is awful, eight is much the same as four, nine has too much going on and ten is quite nice and understated.

My winner amongst that lot is number 6.

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10 new Spurs shirt designs, which is your favourite? 10 new Spurs shirt designs, which is your favourite? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5


  1. I think you mentioned in a previous article that the sash had been used before and as a result will be unlikely to be used again... Nike separating themselves from Under Armour.

    Personally I like number 1... Simple, which is the way I reckon Nike will go.

    Either way.... COYS!!!!

  2. No 2. The others are just american flash. Bring back the traditional plain white and stop messing with it.

  3. First choice for me would be #6. After that #8 edges #4.


  4. Keep it simple, sash has been done although they are not bad.No.2 or No.5 with the normal sponsor logo


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