Another new Spurs kit design leaked for 2017/18

Well what do you think of this Kit chaps? It clearly isn't ours as the badge doesn't have the shield around it, a feature we know the new shirt has. Some seem to like it though. It would do as an away kit or a third kit I suppose. I quite like the idea of a nearly all navy blue kit but not sure about the tyre tracks going around the chest.

Now we are moving to Nike, I can't see them using that part of the design which surely inspired by the Under Armour shirts we had. One advantage is that it takes the red AIA branding of the shirt and replaces it with a white one, something we would all much prefer I'm sure.

I have lost count of the number of 'new' kit designs we have seen, few seem plausible. The actual new design is believed to be based on the design of the current England shirt.

The shirt below is far better than the one above and in a Twitter poll most fans said they preferred white socks instead of blue.

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  1. Is this a joke? It's not a leak if it's a mock up created by someone on Twitter, it's only a leak if it comes from Nike. The guy who created that kit noted it very publicly as a kit he designed as something he'd love to see, nothing more. Not only that, how much of a does fan are you? Is not remotely inspired by under armour! Is inspired by the Tottenham kit of the late 80s sorted by Diego Maradona in Ossie Ardiles' testimonial.

    What's the point in writing a blog and wasting your time if you can't even be bother to do a little research or talk to people who actually know what's going on here?!

  2. Its a rig jig of the 1987 hummel home kit

  3. This isn't a leak - it's a mock up by a fan.