Mourinho suggests he can't stop Spurs now


Jose Mourinho has admitted to the press that big clubs used to cherry pick players to stop rivals challenging them and that Tottenham Hotspur were a victim of this in the past.

Every fan wants to keep hold of their best players and see their club grow, but for a player it is easier and quicker to just move to a bigger club. We have seen Michael Carrick and Dimitar Barbatov go to Manchester United, Lika Modric and Gareth Bale go to Real Madrid. However much we tried we simply couldn't prevent them leaving, three of those even refused to play for us.

"Football has changed in the three years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired…This is the new football. Do you think I can go to Tottenham and buy two players to kill Tottenham? I can't. I cannot go to Arsenal and buy their two best players, or go to Chelsea and bring two of the players that I love very, very much. That time is over. 
"The situation where you could start to become the champions by attacking your opponents is over in this country. If you get a player from a top club, you only get a player those clubs don't want to keep. 
"You cannot attack your rivals any more. It used to be that when one of the big clubs was getting stronger, another of the big clubs was getting weaker. 
"The problem we are finding is that we are getting stronger but so are the others - they are getting powerful. That means we have to grow up again and it is going to take more time."

Tottenham are no longer a stepping stone club, indeed we are a club on the up, far more an attractive proposition than we used to be. Our UEFA Champions League campaign didn't go as hoped, but we are firmly established in the top four again and on course, at this stage, to grab another Champions League slot.

If we can manage that we are showing last season was not a flash in the pan. A player like Isco will want Champions League football, he will want to win trophies. Tottenham are now looking like we can challenge consistently and with a new stadium we will constantly be in the news, so in the consciousness of players.

An increase in revenue will help bridge the wages gap so there is plenty to look forward to. Mourinho will sort out United, Guardiola will sort out City, Conte has settled at Chelsea so the top four is going to be a real battle over the next few years. Having that extra income may well prove to be vital, but now we must capitalize on their rebuilding work.

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  1. Expectation is everything (especially in the EPL); this week Poch & Mourinho, the latter of whom may finally have realised his past errors, have attempted to down play the expectation emanating from their respective fanbases.
    Normal stuff from two managers, one of whom is under pressure and the other seeking to maintain the momentum achieved so far.
    The player mindset is a delicate flower, it needs constant nurturing and support, especially when the rewards are so high and the spectre of the Championship beckons those who fail..
    Witness the players of LFC (that’s Leicester not L’pool), from heroes to zeros in six months…
    So, Spurs fans, be vociferous in your support, be gentle with your critique, but, above all, do not disenfranchise yourself.
    p.s. the Merlot’s working well ce soir…

  2. LOL. Merlot or not, there's a lot of sense in that. I would comment that Leicester are normally known as LCFC, but that's just me being over picky.



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