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Brazilian Diego Costa is top of the scoring charts in the Premier League and a huge part of the success Chelsea are having, however once again he wants out.

He wants a part of the huge money being paid to players in China and his agent Jorge Mendes is out there now discussing a deal. He has apparently been offered a £30 million annual salary and has had a bust up with the fitness staff at Chelsea. At West Ham Dimitri Payet is refusing to play, I did report a while back that he didn't actually want to go to West Ham and was basically forced to by Marseille who needed the money. Then at WBA there is Saido Berahino who, it would appear, hasn't tried his hardest for a season.

The game seems to be heading towards more confrontation with clubs wanting to protect their interests and players with no loyalty wanting to protect theirs.

Then we have people like Jason Cundy in the media being insulting towards one of his former clubs, Tottenham Hotspur, suggesting we are not a proper club and have no ambition!

"I love Harry Kane - I really do and Alexis Sanchez's contract situation is precarious too. But go after Harry Kane and Dele Alli. 
"They can go to a proper club with ambition. They could with that sort of money. They had £60m for Oscar and £90m for Diego Costa, you can buy who you want with that kind of money. 
"If you said to chairman Daniel Levy to £150m, they would go, wouldn't they?"

We live in a selfish world now where money is corrupting many. FIFA is full of corruption and needs someone to come in from the outside to sort it out, Seb Coe is refusing to give evidence when the man in the street simply doesn't believe he didn't know about drug taking. Then there is the row going on in cycling.

Whatever happened to sport being sport, but then politics is no different, most seem to only be in it for what they can get out of it. We have Donald Trump, a crazy choice as President and Jeremy Corbyn who surely is undetectable given how he seems to hate this country. He makes me think of the cold war, I'll have to find a decent thriller to read about that time, anyone know of a good one?

Times are a changing, but not for the better.

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  1. The guy is a fool. He strikes me a hangers on.

  2. If you want a good book from Amazon about Brexit - try Diablo Grotesque by William P Blight. It's a shocker!

  3. sorry mate, this is not an article but a piece of prose with no direction or structure. What is your main point? Mr Cundy is a has-been ex Chelsea ex Tottenham nobody (who once scored a fluke goal for Tottenham). Your statements about money, drugs and corruption in sport could have been taken from any pub conversation. Your observations on politics need a bit of sharpening up. Not sure what you mean Mr Corbyn is "undetectable": this word means hidden or concealed. Surely Mr Corbyn is anything but hidden, he has indeed made a number of important public statements just this week. And as for thrillers relating to the Cold War, well John le Carre's "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" wouldn't be a waste of time. Also became one of the best things ever on TV; u can still get the DVD I believe.

  4. When you let rip totallyTottenham.... You do so with sheer venom. I love it.

    Author : he ripped u a new one.