N'Koudou and Njie moves off, Mitchell and Mackenzie off, coincidence?


N'Koudou and Njie moves of

French local paper La Provence, the paper I have been advising everyone to follow during this saga, has an update on the transfers of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and Clinton Njie, they are both off. The comes right before Paul Mitchell and Rob Mackenzie resign.

The deal had dragged on and on and yesterday Clinton Njie resumed training with Tottenham. There are suggestions that daniel levy has not been impressed with Paul Mitchell and that he expected more from him. This is Tottenham Hotspur and Levy sets everyone high standards. If they don't achieve them, they go, no excuses, the same as players.

The fact that both Mitchell and Mackenzie have resigned suggests Levy is not happy with our recruitment which suggests we have an even better manager than in Pochettino.

The British press have been reporting N'Koudou as a future star in the making, highly rated by us while La Provence say Marseille president Vincent Labrune insisted we take him for 'decent' money if they were to take Clinton Njie. It is reported that N'Koudou is a Paul Mitchell inspired transfer target.

With N'Koudou not training and the deal dragging on, it is believed we have sought adjustments to the transfer terms. In the light of current events, that now sounds like we were trying to pull out of the deal. If you look at it, we have bought Njie, were selling him at a loss and shelling out on a similar player. Financially it isn't a good deal. It smacks of throw enough muck at the wall and some of it will stick, not the way Daniel Levy would like business done.

If Mitchell has upset staff and agents, then he has been negotiating. His resignation, remember staff are given the option of resigning before they are sacked, it looks better on a CV, comes on the day this deal breaks down. A coincidence so much happens in one day? It seems hardly likely.

Tottenham have moved up a grade and are looking to cement that position. The recruitment of players must appreciate that step up and raise in standard to go with it. Federico Fazio, Benjamin Stambouli, Clinton Njie, arguably for some Kieran Trippier and Michel Vorm were and are not next level performer, although I also hear Fazio and Stambouli were not Mitchell choices.

We hear that Pau Lopez is being driven by Pochettino, not Mitchell or Mackenzie. What Mitchell has done well is build a scouting network, which the statement from Levy acknowledged.

There is clearly more here than meets the eye but Mitchell and Mackenzie appear to have fallen on their sword over N'Koudou ad Njie.

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