Spurs have adopted the R2A2 formula

There still seems to be a misconception in some quarters as to how you set about achieving success and understandably, therefore, misinterpret its components. Burning desire and belief go hand in hand for the successful. They are shining brightly at Tottenham, blinding some fans. If Spurs were to adopt the same limited thinking we wouldn't be in the position we are now.

Napoleon Hill was a former advisor to American presidents and he interviewed the rich and successful of his day, from Presidents to industrialists like Henry Ford and financial men like Dale Carnegie. His objective was to find a common thread, to try and see if there was a formula one could follow to achieve success and there was.

'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.'

Belief formed a central part of that, not your common garden everyday hope type of belief, but something far deeper. The four-minute mile wasn't achieved simply through hope, countless athletes hoped they could achieve it and as over 40 athletes achieved in within two years, clearly there was nothing physical stopping them, belief did. It was believed to be impossible for a human to run that fast. Hope achieves nothing, belief achieves everything.

Successful people have a total unshakeable belief, they don't think something might be possible and hope it happens, that will never achieve anything, 98% of people behave in that way and their lives never change.

For successful people an outcome is a certainty, it is merely the timing of the outcome that is uncertain. It isn't simply a case of hoping something might be possible it is knowing it is possible and being absolutely convinced 100% that it will be achieved. For these people the result is a foregone conclusion, the only thing that delays it are mistakes along the way.

'Burning desire leads to belief, which in turn leads to the method.'

Problems can be solved by your subconscious mind. If you totally and utterly believe in something then your subconscious will show you how to achieve it, but you have to totally believe first, not hope, totally believe. It is down to you to note that down and put in place all the steps to achieve it because nothing of note is achieved without a plan.

You don't have to shout it from rooftops or convince anyone else, they don't matter. Most people drift through life achieving nothing and like to drag you down to their level. Attempting to diminish an essential component of success down to mere hope is a prime example of that. People who have a mouthpiece can elevate or deflate. It is up to you, the reader, to determine the positive and negative in what you read. Where possible, to be a success, you need to avoid negativity.

'Positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in all circumstances. Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure.'

Is success achieved through negativity? No. Negativity is for those who lack the willpower and effort in being positive, it's for the lazy. What you read and take in through your senses determines your belief. You mind, your belief, your opinion is determined by what you input into your brain through your senses, what you read is a big part of that.

Pump yourself full of negativity and you'll have a negative outlook. Why then would you want to do so, apart from the fact that it's the easiest thing to do. Go to a restaurant and you hear people complain, you don't hear them praise. That doesn't mean it's a bad restaurant because the voice of complaint is louder than the voice of praise.

Complaining is human nature, but you don't have to use it to drag people down to your level, you can use it as a kick start to pull them up instead. It is pretty obvious which is better and yes it does require more effort. It will be unpopular because you are dragging people out of their comfort zone. You'll hear the mumbo jumbo phrase trotted out which basically means someone doesn't understand what you are talking about so they rubbish it.

It is an art to extract from your environment the positive elements that can make a difference to you and reject the negative that hold you back. Do you hear the Spurs playing dwelling on negatives? The only sounds coming out are positives.

You are determined by what you put in your mind. Spurs have had to change the mentality within the club, hoping for success will achieve nothing, adopting the mental traits of success is another element of a winning mentality. You determine everything you need to do in every aspect of your life to be the best you can be, the mind is the most important element of that, it controls everything else.

The belief coming out of the club is not hope, hope on its own never achieves anything. Thorough planning and putting as many elements as possible in your favour reduce the need for hope. Do Spurs players hope they can win each week or believe they can win? The answer is obvious, well it is to a winner anyway.

The mind has to be open to accepting something or it can't accept it. If the mind is open then the possibilities become endless, there are no boundaries to achievement. If you limit your belief you limit what you can achieve, do you see limitations being placed at Spurs?

Do you think the change in mental approach and the improvement in results are not related? If you accept they are related then you have the basis to change your own life. A supporter may hope, but don't confuse that with the mentality the coach, staff and players have.

Conceive It Believe It Achieve It!

Napoleon Hill wrote:
'Any ideal or habit which is intended to become a permanent fixture in a human being must be planted in his or her mind in early childhood, through the principle of social heredity. An idea so planted becomes a permanent part of that person and remains with him or her throughout life, excepting in very rare instances, where stronger influences than those which planted the idea tend to counteract or erase it. This principle is called social heredity, because it constitutes the medium through which the dominating qualities of a person are planted and developed out of all those sense impressions which reach the mind out of one’s environment, through the five senses, as separate and distinct from those physical qualities which are inherited from the parents.'

Have  you noticed how many successful children of successful sportsmen and women there are? It has nothing to do with privilege as the masses would have you believe and everything to do with their mental conditioning. Your children imitate you unless you teach them otherwise. If you want your child to rise above the masses then you must teach them the traits to do so.

Its the same with politics, people living the rat race life teach their children the traits to lead the rat race life and resent anyone taught to rise above it. They complain of privilege or not living in the real world, when they have the mental ability to climb above it. Every parent should be teaching their child the same skills, they should be opening their minds, not closing them.

Mauricio Pochettino is applying that principle at Tottenham. He is not working with professionals who have a fixed ingrained belief and fight against him. He prefers to work with the open minded youthful players, not bound by the masses thinking. He challenges the individual to see what is possible if they believe it is and works with them to achieve it, the result is a stronger team.

Those coming through the youth system will learn the right mental approach at an earlier age and the club will benefit from that. Producing a conveyor belt of talent will be no accident, it will be because their minds have taken on board the lessons they are being taught and applying them. The R2A2 formula. Recognise, relate, assimilate, apply.



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  1. Some very true words my friend. Nice piece.

  2. Great piece. True self belief and hard work are the key to achieving anything worthwhile. #COYS #premierleague #comeonsociety

  3. Great piece. True self belief and hard work are the key to achieving anything worthwhile. #COYS #premierleague #comeonsociety

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, I do try to provide more than the standard fan website and offer the chance to widen understanding.


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