The only focus is the next three points

Goal setting is a motivational tool to support and enhance performance. You will never achieve anything unless you set a goal to do so first. As humans, we focus too much on the wrong type of goals though, outcome goals. 

Although outcome goals are important, performers have to focus on performance goals. Performance goals are important because they allow them to better understand and evaluate their own performance and for coaches to do so too. 

Performance goals should be set in conjunction with outcome goals. In addition, short-term and long-term goals should also be set.

Take the example of trying to win the Premier League. Anyone can set that goal but to achieve it they have to totally believe it is possible and anything is possible if you believe it to be.

You can't just focus on that each week, you have to break that achievement down into smaller targets, perhaps a monthly target. That target is broken down a game at a time, the immediate three points are all that matters at that point. Keep your focus on the next immediate three points and your other goals take care of themselves, you'll achieve them if you keep achieving your smaller immediate goal.

Goals can, indeed, should be written down, are referred to all the time. While you work to improve your short-term goals, 
technique, psychological outcomes, physique etc., you have to know and be reminded why you are doing it, what you are aiming for. You have to keep stimulating the motivation otherwise you open yourself to the possibility of it waning. That will lead to a decrease in performance, that will lead to a decrease in motivation and you are on a slippery slope heading away from your goal.

You hear all the talk coming out of Tottenham about no title talk, just the nxt game. We want to win every game, we are just focussed on the next match. Experience is one thing, but motivation is a key determining factor. If you can maintain motivation and remain focused on short-term goals then winning a league title is possible.

I wrote before the season that a game against a side like Norwich City or WBA is just as important as a game against Arsenal, they all carry just three points. If we lost every game to the five richer clubs but beat everyone else we would still amass 90 points, enough to win the league. You don't have to simply beat the top sides to win the league, there are other ways.

The focus now is simply West Ham and three more points, no further.



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