Should we take the sport out of sport?

Should we take the sport out of sport?

In an interview with the BBC Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, called for special treatment for top teams who are concerned their revenue will be affected if they have a bad season. Rather than have a level playing field, clubs who have achieved something special in knocking a rich club out the way to qualify should be penalised by seeing the team they have ousted put in the competition anyway.

He has the cheek to suggest that Spain needs to find a way to make their competition more competitive to attract more TV money, yet he wants to pinch the lions share of that money himself! he then wants special treatment in Europe as well pretends it is for the fans benefit. It isn't, fans want competition, they want variety, they want to see new teams in what has become a tired and boring competition, unless you support one of the 'closed shop' clubs of course. 

I haven't watched the competition for years, it badly needs the injection of variety that Leicester City and Tottenham will bring. Why should we then be penalised bu seeing Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool all guaranteed spots?

Basically, he is asking to take the competition out of sport, he is suggesting that only a few clubs should be allowed to win the competition, it should be played for the benefit of clubs like Barcelona, others like Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla don't matter. He wants greater competition is Spain as long as Barcelona are guaranteed special status and get most of the TV money along with Real Madrid.

"Sometimes, for the interest of football, why not give wildcards like in tennis? Sometimes the top players don't qualify and are given wildcards. This can happen in football. 
"Sometimes clubs have a bad season and it is a big punishment to not play in the Champions League. 
"We need a stronger Champions League and more and more interest for the football fans and to make it more competitive."

In the interests of football my foot, it has nothing to do with the interests of football at all and everything to do with the interests of Barcelona. As we have seen with the UEFA Europa League, a fair competition is not what clubs like Barcelona want, they want to victimise less well off clubs by guaranteeing participation. Allowing Champions League losers into a competition after they have failed is a joke.

The FA Cup and League Cup allow teams to enter the competitions at a later date, personally I'd do away with that and have them introduced when every other Football League club is introduced. The chances of a smaller club then playing a Premier League club increase, which generates much-needed revenue lower down the game and creates massive local interest. 

With the resources available there is no reason why a Premier League team can not put out a second eleven or even players from their development squad to play certain games. Our Development Squad play a pre-season friendly under the Tottenham banner, often against Colchester, so why not against a non-league team. reducing, not increasing preferential treatment is better as a sporting spectacle, but then the game is no longer about sport is it.



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