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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Do you know more than Pochettino?

The anti-Levyites were spouting their garbage once again during a transfer window which Pochettino consistently stated he is happy with his squad and if we can't buy the right striker it isn't a problem.

Apparently some supporters think they know better than our head coach and think thy know how to run a multi-millions-pound business better then someone successfully doing so. 

Newcastle United are the seventh richest club in the Premier League and are in a mess. because they have had to gamble to avoid relegation and panic buy there was even once fan suggesting he wanted boyhood Newcastle United fan (according to his friends at school) Mike Ashley running Spurs. Talk about clueless.

Of you don't want Levy, then you don't want the things Levy is doing, a new stadium, an NFL deal that has the potential to give us comparable income with those financially bigger clubs.

People want justification, however much they deny it, subconsciously people need it to back up their view. The Levy out lot don't want Spurs to succeed, they seek justification for their lack of support, they want to be proven right. The intelligent majority know they are not and the two Tweets below demonstrate their obvious limitations.

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Supposedly a supporter, he presumes to think he knows better than Pochettino, who is arguably the best head coach we have had since the Premier League began. he seems to think Daniel Levy has decided who can play where! Talk about distorting facts to suit their agenda, the typical anti-Levy occupation.

During the summer the cry was for a defensive midfielder and even some saying we would be relegated because we didn't sign one. Eric Dier anyone!

Are we to believe Eric Dier is the only player who can be a success in a different position? Sergio Aguero is a compact and successful striker, not an aerial battering ram. He requires football to be played on the ground, the same as we play. can Son not play in that style, can Njie not play in that style, his return date is listed as 5 March, just a few weeks away. In France Njie was a striker, he started 1 game out wide.

Gareth Bale was a wide man moved into the middle, against the wishes of many a fan. Thiery Henry was a wide man who showed it is possible to be a success as a central striker. I fail to understand why, if we have a head coach who has proven himself to us, which he has, that we don't trust him.

Dele Alli could probably play as a central striker in our system, he is playing the number 10 role rather successfully and is a constant goal threat, he has the skill around the box to play the role.

If Pochettino feels we have enough in the squad what makes the forum dweller think they now better? because that is what they write in forums you know, that they know better than Pochettino, they know better than Levy, they know better than former players. Their reasoning, they have watched the game for 20 years!

Watching something does not mean learning something, learning is completely different, you watch in a different way to learn and there is a world of tactics they know nothing about. If they have never coached and actually tried applying tactics then all they have is theory from the safety of their bedroom. They are not bound by reality, they can live out a fantasy as if it were real.

Success is achieved through total belief in what you are doing and in the strategy you create to make the dream a reality. Spurs have a strategy that sees us 2 points off 2nd place, we are there because of our strategy, not in spite of it. Harry Kane is the player he is because of our strategy and not in spite of it. We have to say a big thank-you to Tim Sherwood for introducing him and Nabil Bentaleb, showing the club that you can trust youth.

Dele Alli is a success because of our strategy, not in spite of it, Eric Dier is a success because of our strategy, not in spite of it. Has Pochettino not proven he knows what he is doing? Are the anti-Levy cluster, who have to be anti-Pochettino because he is a Levy signing, seriously saying they know better than Pochettino, just like the lesser spotted forum addict does?

I trust Pochettino, do you?


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  1. A fantastic article and I completely agree! The arrogance from the Levy out brigade is a joke, particularly as they have been proved so wrong this season! In Poch we trust!

  2. A fantastic article and I completely agree! The arrogance from the Levy out brigade is a joke, particularly as they have been proved so wrong this season! In Poch we trust!

  3. What if we signed berahino and he did his cruciate in the 1st game he playe?d
    What if Harry stays fit and bangs in even more goals?
    As u rightly said, Mopo is the best coach we've had!!
    Ideally I'd like another top class striker but if he is happy then I'm prepared to trust him!!
    Great article COYS!!!!

  4. Spot on. We've been run so well as a club for years. Competing above our means financially.
    The levy out brigade quote the net spend every time they can but if we know ANYTHING it's spend will not guarantee success. See Gareth bale money and Liverpool more recently. You build a team.
    We're financing a stadium without sponsorship right now which as the PL grows will mean the revenue we command will also be much greater than signing a deal now.
    Levy runs a business, but he clearly knows something about the game.
    Newcastle have just spent a ton of cash on players we'd consider viable for our reserves. Levy wouldn't sanction that. I know who I'd rather have at the helm.

  5. Come off it. Pochettino wanted a striker. We are in 3 competition and only have 1 striker.

  6. Recognised Strikers aren't so prevalent in today's game and if we bought a striker there's nothing to say he'd do a better job than chadli, son, njie.
    Linking the play is everything to the way we go about our business and new personelle wouldnt necessarily do any good. It certainly won't guarantee we get the title or CL.
    Poch seems calm as a cucumber and he's been right so far so who are we to say he's wrong? If he said he wanted a player do you really think levy would refuse him? Not with his record of leaving soton for abandoning the 'project' and Man U and Chelsea waiting in the wings.

  7. Clinton Njie, who is due back in 5 March was a striker in France, he only started 1 game out wide so to suggest we only have one recognised striker is not actually accurate.

  8. Well personally I hope the poster on twitter is reported for racial abuse, and twitter should take action as well

    But let's look at his complaint firstly, "we need a striker" do we? to date Spurs have scored 44 league goals and HK has 15 of them, that means that 65% of our league goals have come from players other than our striker, and that's because of the fluidity in our attacking positions, we could well suffer if HK is injured long term but there isn't any evidence to show that, the system will remain fluid in the attacking areas and the stats show other players are contributing to our goals tally, our next highest scorer is Dele Alli with 7 league goals, so even adding our top 2 scorers only brings us to 50% of the total league goals scored

    Let's add some context to the argument, Leicester City have scored 44 league goals Jamie Vardy has 18 and Riyad Mahrez has 13, that's 31 goals between them which totals 70% of the clubs goals, or how about Watford, they have 27 league goals and their 2 top scorers are Odion Ighalo with 14 and Troy Deeney with 6 that's 20 of 27 and 74% of the teams total

    Chadli scored double figures last year and has started chipping in again since returning from injury, Son started the season well and is starting to look sharper after returning from injury, and N'Jie has had injury issues since he arrived so maybe we have to wait until next season to see the best of him, and remember HK didn't score in the league until the 4-1 win against Man City, but the team were still scoring goals, I see no evidence there to suggest we need a striker to the point it is right to racially abuse somebody

    And as for the Levy/Enic out brigade? their argument seems to be based on the fact we don't pay over-inflated prices and wages for players (look what happened when we did it with Adebayor's wages)Schollar almost bankrupted us, Sugar rescued us and turned us into a bussiness, Enic and Daniel are taking us to the next level on a sound financial basis, I'll bet we pay off our new stadium in a much quicker timeframe that the Emirates was paid for, and that means we shouldn't have the same 10 year austerity measures in place that the Woolwich Wanderers had

    I'd much rather have what we have than be paying silly prices and wages for short term success, ask Leeds United or Portsmouth how that goes

    I can honestly say that as a Spurs supporter of 50 years the current ownership, management and playing staff have a different look about them to all the false dawns we have suffered in the past, time may prove me wrong! but I hope not!


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