Why are Tottenham buying up English talent?

Why are Tottenham buying up English talent and buying up young foreign talent to develop as home-grown?

The idea as far as football authorities are concerned is that young players should play in their own country, that they should have opportunities to develop and want to get as close to that idea as the law will permit.

Players can not be blocked from moving abroad, the European Union has freedom of movement and nobody can be restricted from taking employment anywhere within it. Footballers are no different from any other employee, they just get paid more.

A system was devised that is applicable in law for home-grown and non home-grown players. A home-grown player is one who has spent three seasons under the age of 21 registered with an association. It's the reason we buy 17-year-olds, we have time to qualify them as home-grown and basically, circumvent what the rules were put in place to try to prevent.

There have to be eight places home-grown players in each 25 man Premier League squad, in other words only 17 non home-grown players over the age of 21 can feature in the named Premier League squad at the two points of the year they are nominated.

This still allows an abuse of the system and clubs to field teams of non-home grown players. I looked at the Real Madrid line up the other day and there was only one Spanish player in it. Chelsea have fielded all foreign teams as have others. UEFA have therefore looked to tighten the rules even further and have been looking at how they can extend the home-grown rule and give it more power.

What UEFA want they will eventually find a way of implementing so rather than reacting to it, preparing for it makes sense. The Football Association (FA) have already announced plans to change the rule book for non-European Economic Area (EEA) players playing in the UK.

The rules are supposed to be that only elite foreigners come to these shores with international records who will make a significant difference. That simply isn't abided by in practice. Approximately 50% go to an appeals committee and are allowed to play here, when in reality they don't fit the criteria. 

The FA produced figures to show 79% of appeals for a work permit were successful and that 55% of foreign players signed played fewer minutes a season than the league average. How is that making a significant contribution to the development of sport at the highest level? Of the players given a work permit, only 58% played any top-flight football in their second season! That says a lot about the success of foreign imports.

The FA only want elite level players coming here, they don't want Jo Average being used as cheap labour. The authorities are continually looking at ways of increasing the opportunities for young nationals and Tottenham are ahead of the game in preparation for any further changes to come.

If you are a young English or home-grown talent where do you go, a club proven to give young players in the same position a chance or a club that imports and only play you if they are basically backed into a corner to do so?



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