Transfer ban forcing Real Madrid to move for Kane

Why have stories emerged of Real Madrid interest in Harry Kane even though Kane is only in his second proper season, Real Madrid usually buy players who achieved a bit more in the game than Kane over a longer period.

In addition, there are stories of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving which many would see as unthinkable. Time moves on and Ronaldo is the past of Real Madrid, yes he can continue, but he isn't the future and he isn't the future commercially. Gareth Bale has massive worldwide appeal and that makes him commercial gold dust. Harry Kane is heading in that direction, he is the man all Spurs fans around the world want to see, he is the man England fans want to see and is fast becoming the man the world wants to see thanks to his goalscoring exploits.

So is this all about commercialism? No, although that plays its part for at the very very top of the game. Real Madrid signed under age players just as Barcelona did and used the Spanish system to place them at clubs outside the league's jurisdiction so that they could then sign them for Real Madrid and circumvent the rules governing signing youth players from other countries.

For their misdemeanour, Barcelona received a transfer ban and Real Madrid are expecting a similar punishment. They believe this may be their last window to reshape their squad so players are available and players need to be bought for the future now. Kane is therefore on their radar perhaps a little before he should be. They also, of course. have a new manager in Zinedine Zidane, although while he will have his say he doesn't decide which players are bought, he just has to assemble them into a winning team.

"Spanish football expert and the go-to man for Sky on all matters Spanish is Guillem Balague. He was asked about the rumours of Real Madrid wanting to sign Harry Kane. 
 “I wouldn’t go too far on that, but something is going to happen this summer. Real Madrid feel that they may be banned for two transfer windows by FIFA, essentially like Barcelona. 
“That would be perhaps either this summer or, the most optimists at Real Madrid think, could be the next winter, which gives them this summer the chance to change the side completely, which means that they will try to sell some of the big assets they have got, including (Karim) Benzema, Cristiano (Ronaldo) and bring new ones.”
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