Townsend demands loan, Spurs demand permanent transfer

Townsend demands loan, Spurs demand permanent transfer

As I have reported before Andros Townsend does not want to leave Tottenham as he knows any move will be a step down. Tottenham are clearly going places and he wants to be a part of that, however, he hasn't grasped what is required under Pochettino.

I have written before about his mentality and that when he comes on as a substitute he isn't mentally prepared, he 'switches on' only once he has stepped onto the field, which is too late. Obviously, this summer there is the 2016 UEFA European Championships which he wants to be a part of and to do that he needs to be playing football every week.

Townsend has very generously offered to go on loan until the end of the season to fulfil his desires, we have very generously told him he can leave permanently to fulfil ours. Ever window clubs circle us hoping to take fringe players on loan, which rarely happens now given how little benefit there is in it for us.

If we loan a fringe player out then we have to replace them and that has meant bringing in a loan player. If you sign a player to replace a loan player then you are stuck paying two sets of wages instead of one from July onwards and if you then can't sell the player you originally loaned out you have an unbalanced squad. That means somewhere in another position you have to leave yourself short.

Loaning Townsend isn't an option. He seems to want to do what he wants to do and not what the coach wants him to do, at least, that was the word from the training ground. Perhaps he just doesn't have the footballing brain needed to process the amount of information our system demands.

Whatever the reason he and we clearly haven't found his true motivation so although he may be trying, he can't produce the level of performance on the training field and in games that he doesn't yet know he can produce, which is the level we require of players.

Without motivation, you won't survive in this squad because as Townsend is finding, it finds you out.

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