Levy doesn't have a say in Pochettino future

We have the usual national press stuff with them talking about clubs, this time Chelsea, being interested in Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino. The stories are suggesting Daniel Levy will turn down any approach from manchester United or our London rivals to keep Pochettino at White Hart Lane.

The reality though is that if Pochettino wanted to leave all he would have to do is resign and then join the club of his choice, there is nothing Daniel Levy could do about it. Please don't tell me a club needs permission to speak to him, this is football, nobody has taken notice of that rule in donkeys years.

Everything I discover about Pochettino tells me he is a loyal individual and suggests he won't be going anywhere. He only left Southampton because the club had a change of direction when a new chairman came in. he failed to receive assurances during the winter transfer market over the summer transfer market and his mind was made up.

there will be no change of direction from Daniel Levy and no replacement for him either thankfully. he has taken us to the cusp of something great and in his time with us Pochettino has torn down the old to build the new. That building isn't finished and I have no doubt whatsoever that he wants to see his work come to fruition.

He was given the task of building the club and given the power to do so, what he says goes on the playing side. He has taken a shambles of a scouting setup and revamped it under Paul Mitchell and crucially  transformed the club mentality.

He has created a happy positive environment, shows loyalty to his players and discards those who do not toe the line. You can not demand loyalty of players if you can't demonstrate loyalty yourself. he does that with players and that will transfer over into the club, of that I have no doubts at all.

the press will no doubt hit us with all sorts, but I just don't see Pochettino, regarded by many as one of the best young managers in the world, a statement a tad over used by them perhaps, leaving Tottenham for many years yet.



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