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The recent planning application raised questions over whether Tottenham would be leaving White Hart Lane for nearer 18 months than the one season currently or whether we might be playing with a reduced capacity stadium for half a season.

Finding a new ground for the period is a bit like conducting a transfer. When you buy a player, you don't simply go after one and when that fails, to begin the process of finding and negotiating with another. You sound out several players, you let them know that XYZ doesn't sign or if this scenario doesn't materialise then we would want to sign them. They can then wait to see if events go their way or sign for another club or with their existing club.

Undoubtedly we have an agreement in place with MK Dons as a fall back option. There may be details to finalise, but undoubtedly an agreement and a price have been agreed. Having that security, we can then pursue other avenues. Tottenham fans want Wembley and many have incorrectly assumed that Spurs were not negotiating when, in fact, it has been Wembley who have refused to negotiate.

Daniel Levy recently revealed that Tottenham have continually tried to enter into negotiation to secure Wembley, but for some time Wembley have not been interested in allowing a Premier League club to use Wembley. Along then come Chelsea with a 4-year rental request and Wembley seeing more money change tune and want to negotiate with Chelsea saying they would now consider a Premier league club.

Chelsea and Tottenham are now in negotiating with Wembley who have demonstrated a clear preference for Chelsea. but have to legally be seen to be treating both clubs equally. That, of course, can be achieved without it actually happening, just the same as West Ham stitching up the taxpayer and giving the wrong impression to a House of Lords Select Committee while putting their own different spin on things.

The rent Tottenham is offering is not significantly from the pro-rata rate Chelsea are offering and it shows the talk about the maximum number of events the stadium can hold in any year is not the size of hurdle suggested.

Bizarrely Premier League chief Scudamore thought creating the environment for violence between Spurs and Arsenal fans through the sharing of the Emirates was a good idea. 

There is the Olympic Stadium and given our history of innovation why not Twickenham, thought of it seems, but yet to be seriously considered. If the number of events isn't a problem at Wembley despite restrictions, then why should the same problem elsewhere be insurmountable.

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  2. Sharing the Olympic stadium should not be ruled out either it too is just rented Scammers couldn't afford to buy it.

  3. Speaking to manager of the Hilton in Wembley Spurs and Chelsea are in advance talks to move there. They are only alound 30 events a year by Brent but if they reduce capicity to 50,000 then can do as many as they like. The fa are keen for this looks like it will happen may getting a little complicated when spurs and Chelsea clash for one season though.


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