Anti-Levy means anti-stadium

Anti-Levy means anti-stadium

One wonders that if the anti-Levy anti-ENIC clutch who want Levy out because he is such a disaster for Tottenham Hotspur then presumably they don't want the things he is doing for the club, like a new stadium.

Surely these people can't support the things he is doing, but not support the person doing them. A stadium takes the club forward, an NFL tie up takes the club forward yet they claim he is dragging it back, logic is clearly losing out to prejudice.

I want a new stadium, most of us know how important it is, I want an NFL tie-up because the American market is in its infancy and untapped. Getting into their homes via the biggest sport in the country is an excellent opportunity for the club to generate a substantial income through sponsorship and commercial deals.

Chevrolet and Manchester United have a £53-million-a-year shirt sponsorship deal, there is money to be made over there. It is a market Daniel Levy has targetted to develop and produce the future levels of income that will allow us to compete on an even footing. That's not good enough for some.

A clear path, a clear strategy, a clear sight of growth. You either budget your finances out to achieve all the things you need to achieve to secure the most important thing of all, the ability to compete at the top table consistently as opposed to fleetingly. That, of course, takes an income to pay wages, we don't have the £750-million deal Manchester United have with Adidas to do that.

We either have to have the mentality to do an honest days work and build a future out of our own efforts or send out begging letters to live off a rich man's handouts.

I know which I prefer.

The club is being built, which is plain for everyone to see, the team is being built, we clearly have a direction and are backing pour head coach. We have an exciting young team ready to grow together and are setting ourselves up to remain as a club challenging when we build the new stadium. It is vital we can afford the side we have them and that they are competitive, without a doubt we are working towards that goal.

Should we throw all that away and change course, should we splash the cash, increase the wages and put everything we have planned into doubt, in effect gamble with our future, because we have no idea what a new owner would do. Quite frankly it's madness, the jealous plastic brigade can keep their daydreams, I'm happy the club are doing an honest days work and building a sustainable future.

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  1. A prime example is that Harry Hotspur knobhead. He should be muted, permanently. Levy has made mistakes but is a really good chairman and I'm proud of the way spurs is evolving.

  2. I agree with the previous post. I find myself reading HH's site and find it incredible so many sycophants agree with his blinkered negative views about DL. Yes, Levy has made mistakes but overall he's a good thing for Spurs. Would much rather Spurs is built on solid foundations on and off the pitch...

  3. Levy has brought so much success to the club, the 1 league Cup in 14 years is proof of this.
    The Stadium just gets better and better on paper and who knows might actually be built by 2030.
    Hopefully we name a Stand after this visionary and maybe have a Statue that we can all thank for bringing such dizzying consistency.
    Remember those Enic years with a warm glow as we all tell our Grand kids about how well we sold our best players and kept the accounts.
    Roll on 2061 got a good feeling about that year.

  4. I have great hope for the future of the club. While I am not 100% behind DL, I do think he has done better that any chairman during my time following the club ('84). I have more of a problem with HH. I find myself drawn to his blog like a moth to a flame. His ITK stuff can be great but the anti DL/management blogs have become boring and bigoted. I dread to think of him or his like running the club. COYS.

  5. There is so much to look forward to with the new stadium and a club that develops our own young players. Compare our chairman to any other comparable club and honestly answer the question of whether you would prefer them as owners of Spurs?
    We do have a plan for the future but you will not see results this year or probably next. I don know, however, that the cynical, pessimistic and simplistic arguments put by HH and the anti Levy brigade are doing positive harm to our club. HH claims to be a Spurs supporter but ask yourself this question; if you really were a true supporter of your football club would you publish insider information which is not in the public domain because the club deems that were it to be so would likely be damaging to the club?
    White Hart Lane would be a much happier place and the team, as a result, would play much better if HH and his kind just stayed away. Football is passionate of course but it is also meant to be fun. I can't see how the anti-Levy lot get any joy out of supporting Spurs. I honestly believe they prefer our failures as then they get much more ammunition to espouse their negative views. Some people are only happy when they're miserable...

    1. Negative is happily clapping nothing and letting Levy etc get away with it on repeat, constantly short changing the fans and team.
      If you are happy existing and not achieving then that is negative, Sport is about winning having a winning mentality and drive to succeed.
      Sitting there clapping and accepting mediocrity is not Positive.

  6. We as a club are not underachieving. Sixth highest income but finishes more often 5th than 6th. The future is a new stadium, links to America via NFL and hence more support and more income. That is not negative. Any club outside of the top four would love to be in our position.
    ENIC have poured in huge amounts of investment to fund the NPD. If, at the end of the day, they make a big profit out of the club I won't be dissatisfied. I want to see our club investing and growing on and off the pitch and you would have to be blind not to see that is exactly what is happening.

  7. But understanding how to build and creating the financial environment to bring success is positive, that of course is exactly what we are doing.

  8. Im interested to know do you think Daniel Levy is some sort of Spurs Messiah then?
    And that with out him a new Stadium is unobtainable?
    Where does he rank in Spurs folk law amongst the Greats?
    The Guy that has returned 1 league cup in 14 years, future hall of fame-r ????
    Its embarrassing the support of this utter muppet!

  9. No but he is the one who has decided we need it and is building it. So unless you are going to say he shouldn't be building it then you should be saying he is doing the right thing, especially if you understand the importance of a club increasing its commercial income. Most chairman in the league have returned nothing, why, bcause MONEY dictates who wins, thus we gave to increase our income to compete on a level playing field. It's embarrassing that utter muppets don't support the club and the man who decided to increase our income so we vcan compete.

    1. Such a visionary, 'deciding' we need a bigger stadium all hail Daniel.
      I'll be interested to hear your excuses Clive when the stadium is built only for Enic to increase their cut and because of this we still wont be able to out spend the big boys, will you still be Crowing about the Saviour then?


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