United game suggested a fundamental shift from last year

A look at the statistics of the Manchester United game showed we had 50% possession with which we attacked 40% down the right and 35% down the left.

They were policed by Kyle Walker and Mousa Dembélé on the right with Ben Davies and Nacer Chadli on the left. Manchester United attacked 48% down our right so Walker particularly, but also Dembélé had more to do than Chadli and Davies on the other side, yet still attacked more.

Mousa Dembélé was dispossessed 5 times compared to Bentaleb, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane 2 times and Chadli 1 time, a surprising statistic given how good he is at keeping or shielding the ball. A look at the tackles made show Walker with 8 and Dembélé with 5 for a right-sided total of 13 compared to Nacer Chadli 1 and Ben Davies 0 for a left-sided total of 1.

Chadli and Davies affected 4 interceptions between them (2-2) compared to 8 for the Dembélé and Walker (2-6) partnership. Clearances saw 0 from Davies/Chadli compared to 6 from Walker/Dembélé (5-1). Walker was the only one of the four to make a block and he committed no fouls, Dembélé 3, Davies 1, Chadli 2. Those statistics just back up how much haeger Walker and Dembélé had to work.

Of our shots 33% came from the right, 22% from the left and a massive improvement over the last few years, 89% of our shots came from inside the area. That is a fundamental shift from the Andre Villas-Boas era when we were shooting from distance all the time, only rescued by Gareth Bale and his 49% accuracy from distance.

Last year the statistics were similar, our problem was that we were shooting from too far away from the goal and our opponents were shooting from too close to the goal. The aim this season is to turn those statistics around so 89% of shots from inside the area is encouraging, even though it is a little early to suggest a significant change. Incidentally 44% of Manchester United's shots came from outside the area. They are important statistics to keep an eye on.

It was no surprise given how much of the game was down the right that Toby Alderweireld and Kyle Walker were our two best players, right-sided centre-back and right-back. Quite amazing that some were still suggesting Walker should be replaced by Kieran Trippier, it just goes to show that performances are irrelevant when you have a prejudice.

Next up is Stoke City at home when you would expect to see a solid defence behind the ball making closer shots more difficult, but if we can create to shoot from closer then that, combined with a stronger defence, could see us get nearer the top four this season.

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