Lloris leaving Spurs not even worth talking about

Former Tottenham keeper Brad Friedel, now forging a career in the media combined with coaching is an ambassador for Spurs in the USA.

Players talk to one another and friendships former continue so he'll know a player's view of what is happening at White Hart Lane. Hr has been working on pre-seaso games for Fox Sports so is still in contact with clubs in the Premier League.

The American has spoken to the Daily Express about the goalkeeping situation at several clubs including Manchester United and Spurs. He and doesn't see the remotest possibility of Hugo Lloris leaving Spurs regardless of what the popular press and following websites may suggest.

"For me personally, I don't foresee that transfer even remotely starting up. Hugo is a Tottenham player, he is the Tottenham captain and he will be a Tottenham player and I don't see that changing. I don't even think we need to discuss that possibility and I mean that sincerely."

That is pretty clear, it is so certain he is going to stay that it isn't even worth discussing yet only yesterday papers and other websites were trying to suggest it was on the cards simple because French paper L'Equipe, who I have suggested before don't like Tottenham, made up a story about Lloris wanting to go there.

Making up stories is something they have consistently done, this is the same paper that suggested Man U would activate his non-existent buyout clause. They had assumed that because they are common in Europe the Frnch captain had one, he hasn't.

I put my head on the chopping block back in February and haven't wavered, Lloris is not leaving Tottenham this window. I think we can put that story to bed.

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