The new atmosphere is the new key

Understanding the NFL and it requirements within a stadium have been a crucial element in the stadium design. It is a football stadium for both sports that has focussed on the fans experience.

The atmosphere inside a stadium grows when masses of people are as close to the action as they can be. Tottenham will have the second largest club stadium in the country with Old Trafford the only bigger venue. But it isn't the size that excites, it's the single tier stand, it's the closeness of the fans to the action.

If you look at the cut lines in the grass, they appear each to be 3 yards wide with 6 lines inside the 18-yard box. From the pictures, it appears that there may be two cut lines of grass before a press area behind the goal, then the fans. Unlike the Olympic Stadium, fans will not need binoculars.

As we all know securing the club as a business and growing in that sphere will help the club grow on the field so the agreement with the NFL is significant. The Americans are trying to grow their sport over here and our football is growing over there. The interest when we now visit for a pre-season friendly is going to be huge, you would expect stations to talk about it because the club has the NFL agreement and thus our exposure grows. It doesn't hurt that we have some Americans at the club with DeAndre Yedlin and Cameron Carter-Vickers working his way through the academy.

Currently the NFL play at Wembley and during our 10-year agreement they may hold additional matches, in October they have a game at the Olympic Stadium, however, Tottenham will be a home, it will provide an atmosphere and a fans experience like no other.

We are going to be able to give the Americans the facilities, suited to their game, that other stadiums can't. The changing rooms will be just one aspect, the fans experience and atmosphere generated will seal the deal for a stronger relationship in the future. I have no doubt their commentators will be telling viewers that it is an amazing atmosphere.

The importance of this NFL tie-up can not be over stressed. The USA is a new market with massive potential. Linking up with the national sport makes perfect sense as it will make Tottenham a bigger brand and have sponsors lining up to discuss commercial deals. Our fan base should grow in the States and it would be no surprise to see ou next shirt sponsor come from there.

The leaks coming from reliable sources suggest the stadium may not be the financial burden we fans have often feared, suggesting we won't be in the position Arsenal were in when they build their stadium. The talk of a major deal with a sporting brand from the US doesn't go away either so long-term the States is important for our continued development.

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  1. Also remeber that under armour are the biggest kit supplier in NFL too. Most likely not a coincidence we have them too


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