Moreno displays the right mentality

The words of Hector Moreno are music to the ears because he sound like just the sort of player we need, one with a winning mentality.

Moreno displays the right mentality

Moreno has spoken to Spanish sporting newspaper AS and his words indicate a player with ambition but with his feet on the ground. He has a goal and he is working towards it, that means he'll be doing his best to improve all the time, as opposed to some of the players we have at Tottenham who are just prepared to stay in their comfort zone and collect their wages.

Dembele smacks of a player like this, he hasn't improved since he has been at the club, he is just happy doing what he does to the level he does it. That is the wrong attitude to have, that's not the attitude of a winner. He ought to listen to Moreno's words, understand what they mean and take them on board.

“Right now I don’t know [what the future holds]. All I want to do is play, have minutes, be able to feel important at Espanyol. For now [Spurs] are just rumours. 
"My dream is to play with the best teams in the world, play in European competitions, and be fighting for titles. I work for it, but now my reality is Espanyol, my reality is to earn a spot in the starting line-up.”

This is what I want, I'll work for it but now this is what I have to do. If we had a squad at Tottenham with that mentality then we'd be in a far better position. It's one of the issues Daniel Levy brought in Mauricio Pochettino to address and is backing him, against some players, to do so.

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