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Berahino not for Spurs

I read stories that Tottenham have made Saido Berahino the top striker target and are desperate to get him in January which is complete nonsense. Sounds like a made up reporter story to sell papers.

Saido Berahino
West Bromwich Albion
Saido Berahino

Born/Age: 04.08.1993 (21)
Nationality England  Burundi
Current club: West Bromwich Albion
Contract until: 30.06.2017
Position: Centre Forward
Market value: 4,40 Mill. £

The 5 minute wonder is vastly overpriced at £25 million for what he has achieved in the game, virtually nothing. Quite why those sort of figures are being bandies about when previous figures of £15 million were considered way too much for the youngster is a mystery.

The game is littered with players who have done it for a bit until the league figures out how to play against them and then the goals dry up so to spend big on an unproven kid is taking an unnecessary gamble. The odds are not in Tottenham's favour so it is far more likely that a new striker will come from somewhere else.

WBA may find it difficult to turn down £25 million but nobody in their right mind is going to offer it so the issue doesn't arise. He is in the same England Under 21 squad as Harry Kane and nobody would offer £25 million for Harry Kane at the moment, yet he has scored more goals this season.

Saido Berahino (WBA) has played 20 games and scored 8 goals (1 assist), a goal every 184 minutes.
Harry Kane (Spurs) has played 23 games and scored 14 goals (1 assist), a goal every 104 minutes.

It was only the end of November that the Daily Mirror wrote an article saying Berahino was on the fast track to oblivion because of his attitude. The correct mentality is essential for anyone we wish to sign at Tottenham, they must have a continual improvement approach to their game.

Last season he was witnessed inhaling nitrous oxide and this season he has been arrested on a drink driving charge when stopped doing 110mph (177 km hour). As a professional footballer he shouldn't be drinking at all, his body is his life in football and he should be taking the optimum care of it. If he doesn't then it can't perform at it's optimum. We are in a world of science, diets and nutrition, booze is no longer a part of that.

Harry Kane not only scored goals but he gives 100%, he has the right mentality, that he wants to improve and that he must take his chance when he gets it, something he has done this season. There are plenty of fish in the sea, Tottenham don't need more players with the wrong attitude, as Berahino appears to have.


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