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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spurs award stadium contract

Sky Sports News have reported that Tottenham have entered into a £50 million contract with a construction firm in Essex to do the foundation work on the new stadium.

M Anderson Construction have worked for Tottenham before, they worked on the construction of the training facilities at Hotspur Way which opened in 2012. Now they will be responsible for the foundations of the new stadium as well as building its super structure.

Now if you are like me and know nothing about building work the following taken from another website explaining the Components of building.

There are two basic components of a building.
1. Sub-Structure: The part of building that is constructed below ground level.
2. Super-Structure: The part of building that is above ground level.

Super-structure is a part of the structure that is above plinth level (P.L). Generally columns and walls are constructed in super structure.

Sky Sports News report that they have seen a document and that Haringey Council have approved the contract.

“THFC have today entered into a Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) Design and Build Contract for the civil engineering ground works, concrete foundations and structure for the new THFC Stadium Project. 
“The contract has been made with M Anderson Construction Ltd and the sum for the works is £49.773.727.”

Haringey Council have also agreed to the demolition of a Listed building on the site, Fletcher House. The next step is to handle the High Court challenge from Archway Street Metal Works Ltd. They appear to be, from the outside, a family firm who are trying to set themselves up for life at the clubs expense rather than have their business relocated. 

I may of course be wrong but it seems they want to hold the club to ransom and receive a multi-million pay-off rather than be paid to move a business to a new location.


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