Tottenham Tackling League Table

Yesterday I produced the league tables for forward passing and crossing accuracy, today I'll bring you the tackles won and headers won league tables.

Tottenham Tackling League Table

To start we'll take a look at the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table for Premier League games. I'll use a percentage figure to make it fair on everyone. I would hate to think if these statistics were available 30 years ago what they would have looked like, it's virtually a non tackling game these days.

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I found the recent comment of former Tottenham managerial target Louis Van Gaal amusing. His Manchester United side had rightly been denied a penalty and when questioned afterwards he thought it was a penalty because, referring to the opposing player on his, he said the he had 'touched him'.

Now as far as I am aware touching someone does not constitute a penalty, fouling someone does but then again there are few actual fouls in the penalty area, just plenty of players unable to stand on their own two feet deliberately falling over. It's about time referees learnt the difference.

This is what Michel Platini wanted so this is what he has got, a virtual non contact sport. Rant over so let's look at the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table. It will list the player, how many tackles he has made and the percentage of tackles he has won.

Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table 

  1. Kyle Naughton 2 tackles 100%
  2. Andros Townsend 2 tackles 100%
  3. Erik Lamela 6 tackles 83.33%
  4. Eric Dier 13 tackles 76.92%
  5. Christian Eriksen 10 tackles 70.00%
  6. Mousa Dembele 6 tackles 66.67%
  7. Aaron Lennon 3 tackles 66.67%
  8. Younes Kaboul 6 tackles 50.00%
  9. Nacer Chadli 2 tackles 50.00%
  10. Harry Kane 2 tackles 50.00%
  11. Jan Vertonghen 7 tackles 42.86%
  12. Nabil Bentaleb 7 tackles 42.86%
  13. Danny Rose 6 tackles 33.33%
  14. Etienne Capoue 10 tackles 30.00%
  15. Emmanuel Adebayor 1 tackle 00.00%

Erik Lamela has made 6 tackles and won 5 of them suggesting he has toughened up from last year and certainly in that department will not be found wanting in the Premier League. Eric Dier, only 20, is inexperienced but has started brightly winning 10 of his 13 tackles.

Perhaps a surprise on the list is Christian Eriksen in 5th with 7 winning tackles from 10 attempts, not perhaps what you'd expect from him. Perhaps he too is adjusting to the demands of the Premier League this season.

The main surprise is Etienne Capoue with only 3 tackles won from 10 languishing in 14th place. You would have thought your defensive midfield players would win a higher percentage of tackles than they actually do. Something to watch and then compare against other teams to see if it is a weakness or general of the position.

For that we had better wait until there have been a few more games played.

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