Tottenham Crossing Accuracy League Table

Tottenham fans love to claim there is no end product fro our wide men when it is considered among those in the Premier League that 1 in 4 is average, 25% accuracy.

Tottenham Crossing Accuracy League Table

With an average 25% to work from we can look at the crosses we put in and the accuracy of them. Of course the stats are not definitive of a good cross. Gareth Bale used to play balls across the six yard box that nobody got on the end of, they wouldn't go down as accurate crosses but they were still excellent.

Eric Dier has already played one of those against QPR but fans using statistics usually only consult goals and assists and quote these when determining if a winger has an output. No regard is ever taken that they have put something on a plate for a striker but he has fluffed the chance and deprived the winger of an assist.

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They will give us a guide as to who is the most accurate crosser of the ball for us in the Premier League though.

The table below shows the player, how many crosses he has made and his percentage accuracy figure derived from official Opta statistics. I'll bring the tables regularly so we can see the season unfold.

Once again, at this early stage, the right side is out performing the left side, just as they were in the passing forwards table I produced earlier. Top of the table, Nabil Bentaleb.

Tottenham Hotspur Crossong League Table

  1. Nabil Bentaleb 3 crosses 33.33%
  2. Eric Dier 10 crosses 30.00%
  3. Erik Lamela 13 crosses 23.08%
  4. Andros Townsend 5 crosses 20.00%
  5. Christian Eriksen 11 crosses 9.09%
  6. Younes Kaboul 1 cross 0.00%
  7. Emmanuel Adebayor 1 cross 0.00%
  8. Harry Kane 2 crosses 0.00%
  9. Ben Davies 2 crosses 0.00%
  10. Nacer Chadli 3 crosses 0.00%
  11. Danny Rose 7 crosses 0.00%

I would point out that under Opta stats the Adebaypr pass to Chadli for his first goal against QPR was not deemed a cross nor was the Erik Lamela pass for Chadli to score the second I believe.

Tomorrow I'll bring you the Tottenham Hotspur Tackles Won League Table and the Tottenham Hotspur Headers Won League Table, both of which will be determined by percentage success.

I'll then update them throughout the season so we can see how everyone progresses.

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  1. Nice , still think if we add some an elegant wide man we would have an almost complete side